Spirit of Change

Monday, November 26, 2018

“The Soup of the Day” is getting a makeover, which is desperately needed, but the feelings I have about the change are bittersweet. My talented friend designed my original blog, back when blogs were just starting to be a thing in 2010, B.I. (before Instagram). It was so beautiful and the words that filled the pages were raw, emotional, and all exposing, but most of all healing to me. I started the blog in 2010 on a word document as a way to vent my frustrations and emotions, but then I found an actual home to share my words with my friends, family, and fellow pancreatic disease sufferers. Over time, my life evolved into much more than a girl recovering from a medical misfortune, and I had less and less time to sit and write. 

In the spirit of change, I present the new blog face, the new name, and an ever evolving person that I want to share with the world again. I’ve faced illness, IVF, motherhood, a surrogacy journey, and much more life throughout the years of this blog’s existence and can’t wait to share things I have learned. I am not the same person I was in 2010, writing all of my deepest thoughts in a word document to one day share. I am whole, and I am thankful for every event that has lead me to where I stand today. Next up on I will be sharing my journey to motherhood, my pregnancy, and my current experience of navigating the world of surrogacy. When the time is right I will post a blog post about what I have learned and I can’t wait to share it with you. 

Recently I was asked to do a podcast segment for a friend of mine who did not know me during my illness. She said she read this blog and cried, not knowing the details of the story. She asked me to give one piece of advice to someone going through something life changing, my response was “every storm runs out of rain.” Turns out that is a Gary Allen song, but is so true. I remember the first time I heard the lyrics, I had tears streaming down my face relating it to my life. Moments of every battle seemed to have times that stood still, days and years where it felt like nothing would ever get better, but in time everything always does. It may not get better the way we want it to, but it will change, and it will soften. And sometimes, when one storm runs out, the next round of rain starts, so we have to be ready and open. Thanks for coming along on this journey of change with me. 

I’d be honored if you tuned in to my friend Katie’s podcast, The Purposed Platform, I am episode 006, which comes out 11/27/18. 

And as always for my pancreas friends who may google this blog looking for hope, some updated life photos:-)

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