Another New Year...

Friday, December 27, 2013

Another New Year...

Soon I will mark my SECOND year without the organ that threatened to ruin my life. Crazy to think it has been almost two years. I remember thinking the one year mark would be a huge celebration, and now it is almost two. I have not posted in a while, mostly because I have nothing profound to write and usually don’t feel the emotions I used to feel when I would write. They say the best time to write things down is when you are feeling those moments of extreme happiness or sadness. I guess most of my writing came from times of sadness and fear, and now I am plain Jane, and I am really happy being her! Perhaps I have lost my writing passion, hope not. 

I would say recovery took an entire year looking back on it, and this year was the year to just live life. I can do whatever I want, go where ever I want, and be whoever I want to be because nothing is holding me back. Year one was still a year of recovery and I still needed to be very careful. I think I finally have "thinking like a pancreas" down, and just when I think I have diabetes dialed in, it usually throws some type of curve ball my way, but that is okay. I know that will be a lifelong ride, one that I gladly welcome in lieu of the alternative. Every once in a while I have flashbacks of the old way of life, where eating one egg all day seemed like I was doing really well with food, or when I would sleep for 2 to 3 days and wake up feeling like I could not get out of bed. In those moments, I remember why I need to write things down for people who are just beginning their journey. How helpful a blog of a person doing well would have been at that time! 

Being grateful and happy was something I promised myself I would do every single day once I got better. For a while I couldn’t stand to even be friends with some of my old friends, who used to complain or talk about things that I felt had no importance. I really went through a stage where I felt that all that was important in life was health and life itself and it pained me to see people who took that for granted. Now, I am sure I have my moments when I don’t hold true to my own promise to myself (actually I KNOW I have moments) and I have loosened up. As time goes on, you forget those feelings, but you never forget to thank God and be grateful. 

What’s New?

UMC in Tucson did shut down its islet cell transplant program, which made me so very upset. Not for myself, I am fine, but for those patients who had transplant dates, appointments, or the very worst, just had the surgery. I can’t imagine how alone they feel and how scary that must be. The UMC is turning previous patients away for follow up, and everyone is on their own, which is even a scary thought for a patient who is doing well, like myself. I know Dr. Grussner filed a lawsuit against the UMC for his job back, and I pray everything works out in his favor. He is an amazing, talented, and absolutely dedicated surgeon, and I cringe at the thought of that talent being wasted over silliness and politics. Now when I speak to patients I recommend they call Baylor, University of Minnesota or MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina), even though that makes me sad too! I had the best doctors around, and now others won’t get to experience that type of care, or Dr. Rilo's humor, can't decide which is worse. 

As always, if you stumble across this in a Google search and you are like I was, praying for information and an answer that would help you, please email me! I try to write back to all of them right away and would love to tell you my story of success. Life is precious! 

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