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Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Family celebrating my Mom and Dad's day apart B-Days in San Diego

I am a high energy, type A, get everything done, build Rome in one night kind of gal. And lately I've been on my B game, lethargic, lazy, sleepy, make a big mess in my house and not clean it up for 5 days kind of gal. So not me! The old Whitney would have been running circles around the new Whitney. I go to Tucson for my 6 month check up next week and I am looking forward to seeing my surgeons. I am hoping they can tell me I have some vitamin (iron) deficiency and I will be on my way... (God see how I am putting that out there?).

New Whitney?

Yes, that is correct. NW rides the diabetes train. Unfortunately, the surgeons were not able to get many islets from my severely damaged pancreas, so over the past month or so my islets have seemed to be on a vacation. I would like them to come home now, but I am accepting that they may love their tropical island vacation too much and won't be returning. I am still so HAPPY and THANKFUL when I think about the surgery. Nothing like that, no regrets, all positive, but I won't lie to you readers. I have days that I want to roll down my window on the I-10 freeway (west bound, always) and throw my OneTouch Meter out the window, my Hummalog, my needles, my test strips, all of it. I would love a little break from the highs, the lows, the correcting, the freaking out, the feeling tired, lightheaded, shaky, headachy...

Diabetes is crazy and for a while I didn't care to get in touch with it. I became a pancreas expert, probably knowing more than most MD's around town, seriously. I read every blog, medical journal, definition and website. But diabetes, I had one friend with type 1 and that was about it. I didn't research it much, even though friends would say "Oh knowing you, you probably have diabetes figured out perfectly." To that I laugh and wish. The thing about diabetes is that you can't ever have it figured out perfectly. I really believe that. It isn't a perfect science and it takes error to learn.

I remember telling Dr. Gruessner that I was "100% in" for the transplant. I said I understood I would probably end up diabetic and then I said the famous last words "It's just diabetes." Wow, was I clueless. He looked at me with the most serious eyes, and corrected me. He said "it's never just diabetes, it's very serious and can be pretty rough." Now, in comparison to what was going on it is a walk in the park. I would be lying if I said this was anything close to the hell of HP. That is just not true! This is like Disneyland compared to the life I was living before hand. But, I do want those readers going into surgery to be a little better prepared than me, not that I would ever not do it because of diabetes. It is worth it. 

Food for thought: This is a link to a group that does marathons (and all have had islet cell transplants). They didn't have the kind I had, because they are type 1 diabetics that had donor islets, and it was way less invasive to do. It is still pretty cool and the team name for the marathons is "CELLMATES ON THE RUN" Hilarious!
So, the next post is going to be about the Big D and I don't mean Dallas! And I am going to start chronicling my diabetes adventures a bit more than before. I won't give up hope that my islets are going to phone home soon, and that will end my diabetes posts. You never know. You just never know. Overall, life is good and I have missed my blog. Cheers!

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