A Month Later

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Three months and a few weeks out (I finally stopped counting so perfectly) from the transplant and things are going AMAZING! What happened February 16th changed me forever. Actually, what began February 15th, 2009 changed me forever. I think that after you experience something life threatening you are never the same again.  Our new lingo at family dinners now include "whats your number", "did you check your blood sugar" and "where is your insulin" and I do admit that I still panic if I go low or too high and make late night phone calls to the most wonderful parents God could have ever given me. But, we work through each day and nothing seems too big to deal with now.

Generally, I am EXCELLENT! I feel better than I have felt in 3 years. I am still sore, I have no idea how that is possible, but I am. Seems like after 3 months your muscles would just get over it, but I do still feel like I had abdominal surgery. I get very tired after work (oh, I went back to work, and even took on a new job along with my old job), but naps do the trick. Nothing too crazy that I can't live with. Occasionally after I eat I still have nausea, but no more actual getting sick. Just popping Zofran and moving on with my day.

Life is amazing. No pain, no hospital trips, no worrying about eating, none of that! I have gained 20 pounds~ yes I know, seems like a lie considering I am still a stick girl. This is the truth. I think I weighed around 95 pounds during my recovery. That was scary for me, but life is good again. I am taking insulin, but in small amounts (very). I am not on any long acting Lantus, and take only fast acting Hummalog with cards/sugars. Sometimes I take no insulin and can go days without. Sometimes I need it with every meal, just depends, but the transplant of islet cells worked for sure. We are blessed, happy and just enjoying every minute of this beautiful life. I have moved back into my condo and have an amazingly helpful and supportive roommate (and her sister), who I am so thankful for. She reminds me about checking blood sugars and makes sure she knows where I am at just in case! I can't thank her enough.

If you are thinking of doing this surgery and you are nervous (you are a nut case if you aren't nervous) email me. Then, call me! Then, DO THE SURGERY. You will get your life back. You will finally remember what it is like to really smile. Your smile won't be one you slap on and convince yourself about. I promise and I want to talk to you about it, so email. Until then, enjoy looking at pictures of the life I am finally able to live.



  1. Whitters I am soo happy that you are doing so well!!! God is SO good!! He truly has delivered on His miracle! I am excited to grab some lunch with you and have you not feeling so sick after :( I felt so helpless when that would happen! Love you girl, keep living your beautiful life! I know God brought you through this to be a light and an encouragement to others that will travel this path! I just smile knowing you will use your pain in a purposeful way!! I am so proud of you and how you have handled this entire process!

  2. So glad you are doing so well! You are such a strong and beautiful girl!!

  3. Thanks for the update! It sure gives me the encouragement to move on with the surgery! Prayers you keep continue to heal so well!

  4. So awesome!!! Keep up the posts, i'm heading to Minneapolis tommorow for my TP on monday.

  5. Thank you friends! I wish I knew who the "unknown" user on here was that was going to have surgery! Message me! Also, John best of luck! What day is your surgery? I will be PRAYING big time for you and I know you will do great. Just be positive even when it's hard and you will be fine! Maybe you can meet the Gallegos family? Isaac is still there in MN in the hospital recovering after his TP-AIT and I am sure he would LOVE to meet you!

  6. Thanks Whitney!! The big day is tomorrow, %:30 is going to come real early. I'd love to catch up with the Gallegos', I've heard such great things about them. Thanks for the prayers, well wishes and for the posts, seeing you back to enjoying life is such a great inspiration.


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