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Thursday, June 28, 2012

"There's no knowing what tomorrow brings. Life is too short to waste it, I say bring on anything." 

                                                -George Strait

I promised to never be sad again, as long as I was alive. I promised to never eat any bad food again, as long as I was alive. I promised to never let something foolish upset me again, as long as I was alive. I promised to be happy I was alive, as long as I was alive!!! YADA YADA. You get the point. Want to know how I am fairing up?

I made a MILLION promises before surgery, to God, to myself, to my family. I mean I over committed, but that's okay. I have started to "go" more and think less, even if I feel out of my element. Small things, but things nonetheless. I promised myself I would take chances, with all things, even if they didn't work out, and I have been living by that.

What's in this title? Yep, it has a purpose, just like all the rest of them:-) I have gone back to work, but that is not the 24-7 job. The full time position that I PROMISED myself I would have no problem accepting is in the form of diabetes. I remember reading blogs of people complaining about diabetes after the TP-AIT and thinking.... "what, get over it, you are alive".  So I promise to be happy to be alive, but I do want to honestly update for people going through this too. 

Diabetes, a full time job you can't take a day off from. Ever. Or else you could be sick or worse...  It is no secret that I had a pretty low islet cell yield. The majority of the insulin producing cells in my pancreas were already dead, meaning diabetes was on the horizon shortly regardless of the surgery. I got about 115,000 out of 1 million. Weak. But Rilo was confident that the little babies were thriving and would be good cells. And they have been! They are been working like champs. But there are nights they take vacation time, tonight happens to be one of them. I want to share those stories, the less than perfect stories.

I feel amazing! Every part of me, no complaints. Diabetes doesn't hurt, but it's a wild man. Yes, a man:-) This weekend I had my first ever 300 blood sugar! I had one previous high of 200, and then this. Tonight my blood sugar was 300 before dinner. Still high, actually waiting for it to go down as I write this so I can doze off. Sometimes I set my alarm in the middle of the night to check blood sugar levels when its high and I am ready for bed. Sometimes I set it if I take insulin too close to bed time, to make sure I don't have a low in my sleep. I give myself shots in my office, my car, bars, anywhere. My roommate wakes me to tell me to check it if it was crazy before bed...and she makes sure I am up in the morning or she worries. Ya see where this story is going? Full time, even when you are asleep. There is no "I forgot" or "I can't do that now". I do it anywhere, even at the dinner table. And I really don't mind:-) I am blessed that my diabetes is minor at the moment. I take a short acting insulin only, and take about 4 units a day, some days no units, depends on the day. Just something I thought others who are thinking of surgery should know. You can do this though, trust me, its small potatoes. 

With all this diabetes talk, and I am so chatty tonights, that brings me to my final update. I am going back to Gluten Free of sorts. Low carb, natural foods found here. Started tonight. I made the rooms and friends zucchini pizza. YUM! Zucchini cut long wise, topped with tomato sauce, mushrooms, spinach, and cheese all baked in the oven till tender and delicious. And carbless. Got the recipe from Aaron and Tammy, who have a blog (and I will post it soon)! More delicious and carbless fun to come! I will let you know how that helps the "situation". 

Test Strips...lame but it went with my "diabetes" theme!

New Sunglasses!
 From my family in Indiana and Chicago who gave me a Nordstrom Gift card. Thank you!

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  1. We had a thai pizza. It had chicken, cheese, zucchini and instead of a pizza sauce it had a thai sweet chili sauce. I think you can find it in the oriental or hispanics food area of a store or maybe by sauces or dressings. I think it would add some spice and taste good in place of your marinara. That is if you can eat it.


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