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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Does anyone know what Saturday marks???
The girls after brunch at Olive and Ivy. Who knew it was so good
for a breakfast spot?

Kristen and I at lunch! Opposite day apparently. 

Just my mama on the right and her bf, LouAnn!
I miss those two, living the life in San Diego!


Four months ago at this time I was getting ready to head to Tucson, worried about living through the next week of my life. The night before I gave strict instructions to Katie, my best friend, on what to do in the event that I was not here on Earth anymore. She kept telling me to shut up, but we both knew I had to say it all. And today, today my alarm went off at 5:45 am this morning. I raced around looking for something to wear, fixing my hair and makeup, and making coffee. I drove to the other side of town to get to work and was a normal person! I never knew how happy this would make me or how good this would feel. Being normal is a beautiful thing. Life is a precious gift, and even I take it for granted sometimes.

I get mad at myself when I actually care about something silly these days. It's human, yet when I do it I always stop to think about it. If my prayers become meaningless or silly, I try to stop and thank God for what He has already given me and then I put a disclaimer on it. I tell Him the greatest prayer has been answered so if He can't get to the other ones, that's ok.

I always say this, but if you are thinking about going through with the TP-AIT and you need someone to talk to, message me! I am always here to talk and I would do this surgery over again 100 times! My blood sugar can freak me out sometimes, and it can make me feel anxious, but it doesn't hurt me. Diabetes is nothing compared to living with a failing pancreas, trust me, I know:-)
What 4 months looks like:

  • I am pain free and off most medications! Huge celebration, once it is ALL medications there really will be a party:-) 
  • I am back to work and living at my condo, enjoying every minute of both. 
  • My enzymes are working, all vitamin deficiencies are gone in the latest blood work (my hair can feel free to stop falling out now OMG).
  • A1C is 5.5 but I have a feeling that is changing :-/
  • Up until 2 days ago I was only needing a few units of Hummalog (short acting insulin) a day, but things have taken a turn! I have been required a TON of Hummalog, and am worried for my islets. Praying BIG TIME for those little love bugs to start feeling good and working in their new home. But if not, well then I will survive that too!
  • I am still stinking TIRED after a day of work, or a half day of work! Seriously, wiped. But I am working on that and I think my energy levels are pretty great considering I had a huge surgery. 
Ending this with something I read in an old blog from DAY ONE of surgery! Wow, time flies and I do look back with the happiest of tears on how I have my life back! Thanks Jen for keeping such good notes on all of those times I don't remember.  "Thought I would end this with a picture of Whitney at the end of the Purple Stride Walk!! At the end of the walk she was so happy and full of life. You can do this Whitney!! Like I have told you a million times I know you will get your life back and get to do all the things you have dreamed of! Day by day Whitney!!!" -Jenny
Cheers to life!

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