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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kristen and I at the Casino this past weekend...

What's in the name? 23 POUNDS, the number of pounds I have gained since recovery. I was a malnourished, 5'9" girl that was starving, literally! Not anymore, I have gained back the weight and am at my beginning weight before surgery. Between the throwing up and the constant pain, I thought weight gain was so difficult and not as much fun as "eating whatever you want" sounded. But, today I am delighted (I think) to report that Whitney is back. And now I am stopping!

Tonight I am praying for Courtney, a 16 year old girl, who is having her TP-AIT tomorrow in Cincinnati. I met her mom through email, and she had been a reader of my blog. Those types of stories make me so excited and make me want to keep writing to offer hope for families dealing with the disaster of the PRSS and SPINK1 mutations! I am praying that after this surgery Courtney will be able to live again, go back to high school (which she has missed for a year) and will just feel good again! What a blessing health is, and unfortunately we all take it for granted until it is taken from us. I can't wait for Courtney to get the monster out of her and to go on living her life. 

Update: I am proud to report that I WORKED OUT this morning at the gym! It felt so great to be able to actually break a sweat, not to mention I was wearing some pretty fabulous new running shoes. Yes, I have been very bad since being home...Nordstrom is just too close to my house. Whoops. Check them out below: 

Tomorrow I head to Chicago for an amazing time with family. Since I am a Zonie, I don't know my Midwest side of the family very well and I am so looking forward to spending a weekend with them! They prayed for me, supported me, and followed my blog as I went through a journey of a lifetime. 

Cheers to LIFE!


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  2. Whitney, you're amazing! Have a wonderful time. You deserve it!


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