Update: Gallegos Family

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Little One we have all been praying for! She is so beautiful and wise!

A while back I asked for prayers for a family affected by hereditary pancreatitis. The family is darling and amazing! I have had the privilege of getting to know the mom, Jillian, over the past few months and we have both supported each other during some pretty low points. Her daughter, Tasia, had the same surgery that I did and her husband, Isaac, will return there in 3 weeks to do the same surgery I had as well. Yes, you heard me. Two pancreas transplants, two family members, same family. This is, after all, what we call genetic (makes me cringe). I wanted to update on our little strong girl, Tasia. She is home in Colorado now and doing SO AMAZING! She has had her good days and her not so good days, but overall she is not having any pancreas pain anymore and is eating and feeling pretty good. She is only in week 6 of her recovery, and as time moves forward she will feel better and better. She was able to get a huge islet cell yield for her transplant and her little islets seem to already be working. She told her mother that the day of her surgery really was the best day of her life now that she looks back on it. CAN YOU IMAGINE? This 8 year old gave up the playground, her toys, her girlfriends, and her childhood for a while to battle the pain of pancreatitis (okay she was diagnosed at 18 months, so it has been longer than a while). But now, she gets it all back and she already learned life's most valuable lesson. God has great things in store for Tasia and I hope to one day see her get married and have babies (yea I am cheesy, but it will be so cool). I feel so bonded to this family, and I know Jillian and I would be great friends if we lived in the same city- we are great friends on the phone! What a woman. And now she has to go through the battle one last time with her husband, who has remained an accomplished police officer and is now training for hostage situations. Talk about a strong man. He has been dealing with this since he was 8 years old, so his surgery will be a big life change for him. As I ask for continued prayers for Tasia, I also ask that God will ease Isaac's fears, which is really the worst part leading up to the surgery, and that he will take care of him in the operating room and during the days to follow. Anyone who has ever been through a 14 hour surgery knows how scary that feeling of walking in the door of the hospital that morning can be. I can't wait for the Gallegos to be on the other side of all of this and be a family together again in Colorado where they all belong.

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