Monday, May 7, 2012

While everyone was getting marked up papers in English 101 and hating the man who was our professor, I was loving my comment on my first paper: "You belong in Academia with your writing abilities." Actually, I am lying because the truth is I didn't know what "academia" meant.  I left class and picked up the phone to quickly call my Dad, of course. I asked him what the H that meant and he laughed and told me it was a good thing. I wonder if he remembers that conversation with me, I remember feeling like I didn't belong in Academia after that:-)

Needless to say I took all the writing courses I could at ASU, including 2 more from that same 101 professor, and he taught me most of what I know about writing. He made me do a piece on speed dating around the time that became popular. I will never forget Mr. Hart, the odd ball who rode around on his bicycle and was the epitome of what you imagine a "professor" type to be. Liberal, coffee drinking, bike riding, laptop in a cross body bag wearing older gent. A really amazing and gifted teacher who taught me that writing didn't need to be packaged in the perfect format the not so creative high school teacher recommended.

Why the background story? Writing has always been something I have labeled as a hobby when asked. However, it was never something I actually did when not required for school. My "pancreas era" gave me a way to use my favorite hobby and also provided the perfect amount of therapy I needed to make it through a huge transplant. Just because the "pancreas era" is over doesn't mean my writing hobby ends. I thought it did, and I left for a few weeks to enjoy life, but the truth is I enjoy writing stories and sharing with the world. I can only wish that one day I can channel my writing into a best seller like Emily Giffin, my favorite author. That would be true success.

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