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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mother's Day is coming up, and this year I am doing something a little different. I am putting a LOT of thought into what I do for my mom on this day. I want it to be the most special Mother's Day celebration we have had as a family. Why? Because my Mom is the strongest person, not even lady, I know. I have heard so many people say this about their parents, because we all love our parents, but let me tell you why.

Many people don't know this, but my brother Tyler had ALL leukemia when we he was 6 and I was 4.  This was before the days of blogging and Facebook. Our community of Litchfield Park wrapped their loving arms around her then just like they did again when I was facing my illness. She didn't blog. She didn't write about it. She really didn't even tell people. She is so different than me in that regard, much more private. Her key phrase is "Don't put this on Facebook" when things happen around the house because she knows how much I love Facebook! What's my point? My point is that I would not look at things the way I do if I didn't have my mom.

When my mom got Tyler's cancer diagnosis she was home alone. The Doctor told her Tyler needed to get to the hospital ASAP and that it was cancer. She hung up, packed them each a bag, told Tyler the truth, told him he was going to be just fine and drove him to the hospital. She said on the way she decided Tyler would not die. After that she went out and got a job in the middle of Tyler's chemo treatments. She had to. My Dad was young in his career and it wasn't going well. We needed money to pay medical bills and she needed a job. She not only got a job, she switched career fields and she was required to go to school for licensing before hand. She found a job where she worked 6 days a week, supported our family and paid Tyler's medical bills. She was a "hospital" mom but never complained about the cards we had been dealt.  I would say she even managed to enjoy my dad, me and life at the same time. She dug deep in her faith, and she knew it would all be okay. And it was. And it is. Tyler is with us, and he is cancer free.

Three years ago she repeated the above story, but this time it wasn't cancer, it was something we did not have a clear understanding of, it was hereditary pancreatitis. She did not panic. Maybe God prepared her somehow with the above experience.  She sat with me in the hospital all 35 times I was admitted. Two months ago she went through a battle with me and continues to today. She rubbed my back when I threw up, held a washcloth on my head as I cried in the bathroom about all the digestive issues. She rushed to Safeway for purple Gatorade and to Walgreens for prescriptions at all hours of the night. She held my hand as I endured countless needles, sticks, and procedures. She placed a cross in my hands right when I woke up from my surgery. She spent the night with me as I cried out in pain. She never lost hope, she always encouraged me to find the bright side in every situation.

My mom does not dwell. She does not seek attention from her trials she is given. She does not envy others, and she does not feel sorrow for her own challenges. She faces them with a smile. Even these trials. Now do you see what I mean? She is like me, always right, which can be an issue for the two of us strong ladies sometimes, but I love her and this is why I want to give her a special Mother's Day, one full of ways to show her how much we love her. She deserves it.

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