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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just gearing up for a successful Vegas trip, complete with several rounds of "Wheel of Fortune" and maybe even a little Blackjack. I have been to Vegas a few times but this time it is so much different. We are going, my Mom, Dad and I (and an old friend). This Vegas trip is different than the one our family took for my 21st birthday.   It is much, much different.

I look back on events and I think what I would have done differently had I known "this was coming down the pipe". I say silly things like I would have partied more in college, or drank a few more dirty martinis! But truthfully, I think I would have let go more and let loose. I am uptight sometimes, and I don't RELAX nearly enough. My oldest friend Katie, has known me obviously my whole life and she always tells me to  relax! I try to tell her to get organized and start worrying, (kidding) but life is all about balance. She has the opposite personality as far as stress goes, and I admire that about her. This weekend I am going to strive to let go and relax! I can't wait. I think I will be really good at it-)

This weekend is all about the celebration of a successful surgery. I am spending it with my Mom and Dad, who worried and prayed their daughter would be okay every day and continue to do so. They worry, wake me up to check blood sugar, ask how I am feeling more than a few times a day, help me with all of my doctors appointments and medications, and are always with me if I get sick. This weekend we celebrate the gift of life, the fact that I am still here and the success of the surgery. We are so pleased with how it has progressed and we are so thankful that the transplant is working. Of course nothing is perfect, but it is a new perfect for me. I am relaxing, letting go, and enjoying the gift I have been given by Dr. Rilo, Dr. Gruessner and God. I am not sure how I can ever thank them enough.

p.s. I am praying that this weekend I am blessed with good health, the ability to eat delicious meals, and just plain FUN! Lots 'o it! Oh and a huge win! A girl can dream!

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