Six Weeks and 3 Days

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Today marks six weeks and three days since I had my pancreas removed (and part of my stomach as well as part of my small intestines), my spleen rewired to use a new blood source, my abdomen cut open, and my bowels completely resected! It also marks 6 weeks and 3 days since I had my islet cell transplant. Click on "my surgery" to learn more if you are just reading! Going into it I didn't know what six weeks would look like, but I tried hard to imagine it. All bodies recover differently, but here is my experience below. Enjoy.

What does 6 weeks and 3 days look like during this recovery?
1.) You will not have any pain, pancreas or incision. I am weaning off of all medications now. Recently, I overcame a huge hurdle and was able to stop taking a powerful medication without a single issue! The docs were amazed and happy.
2.) You will email your doc asking: "Do you think I will be able to have a glass of wine again?" Response: "An occasional glass of wine or cocktail won't damage your liver, moderation, and when you feel up to it,  it would be okay. I think you must be feeling better." Umm....I am STILL SMILING! Not like I want to chug bottles here, just enjoy the taste of a good glass of Chardonnay. Of course I will wait until I am off all the medications before trying this. I am a worrier and hello, I want it to be a fun experiment, not a paranoid one.
3.) You will feel up to cooking a new dinner wearing your mothers cherry apron, from the Barefoot Contessa, which one of my Theta Sisters sent my way to "fatten me up". Hello Fillet Mignon roast, rare done.
4.) You will feel so great that you will be able to work a little and show some houses, with the help of your mother's driving. That feels so great even if its just a little work! So great!
4.) You will not get sick eating if you remember the cardinal rule, eat only what will fill a salad/small plate, nothing larger or you will see it again in the toilet. Small is best. Eat little bits all day long, graze you cow, graze!
5.) Your new anti-nausea, motility increasing medication, reglan, is working and you have not thrown up since you started it. Also, you have not had any "involuntary muscle movements" yet so phew. On a role.
6.) You will rip your pain patch off after dinner and dip into the hot tub with your Mama for a nice soak. Any cramps you may have gotten will not happen, because you are relaxed.
7.) You will lay in bed thinking, wow, I didn't throw up today or yesterday and I only took 1 unit of insulin ALL DAY because your blood sugar is so well regulated that you didn't need it. Hmm. Amazing.
8.) You will pray and pray that tomorrow will be as great as today, and that each day eating will get easier, because it was horrible not too long ago. As we all know when we do this surgery there are good days and bad days...blah blah blah doctors.
9.) You will be thankful for your family. They are your best friends during recovery and sickness. BEST FRIENDS. Without them I would not be positive, I would not be happy, I would just be so lost. The end!
10.) You will love life again and you will know that the end is in sight. The light is waiting at the end of the tunnel, its waiting for you to jump out into it. You can do anything you want now. Travel, laugh, dine, wait, work, plan, love. Anything you want, hello oyster! You are MINE!


  1. Whitney great idea just so you know we have the pancreas project set up at UMC with the foundation so all monies go to the next person having a transplant it will not be used for research or anything else its up to you but just an fyi go girl i am so proud of you

  2. Whitney, you are doing AMAZING!!! I was not so positive, not so far along, I could certainly not even conceive of working at six weeks out!! I could barely walk to the end of my street on a good day. You are an inspiration. I'm so happy for you and so proud of you!! Your family sounds amazing, and I'm right there with you, without my family I can't imagine what this whole thing would have been like. Praise God for your progress!!! Such a wonderful thing to hear!

  3. I love reading your blog. It inspires me so much and gives me hope! I sent my records to Arizona yesterday and waiting to hear if I am a candidate. So very nervous!!!!

  4. I wish I could reply to the unknown reader! Can you leave me some contact info? I would love to help you out with some things. Dr. Rilo has a grant that can provide airfare for you and I am working to provide funds to help with at least a night of a consultation hotel room! Let me know your info please. I would LOVE to help!


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