A Frozen Pea

Sunday, April 8, 2012

I have a prayer request for, well, myself. Is it okay for me to do that? I hope so! The other day I discovered my incision has a little "frozen pea" feeling bump on it. It is right on the incision, and doesn't go anywhere when I touch it. It is not visible from the eye, only from touch. It makes me nervous, and I called my docs (again, on the cell phone, see how nice that is?) and they said they would take a look at my appointment on the 10th (2 days) but I am still so nervous! I would like to pray that it is just scar tissue that doesn't need to be removed or touched and that it will just go away. I would be pretty sad if it had to come out, and I really pray for no more surgeries, ever, unless it involved getting a screaming infant in the end. Get it? Okay, phew. So if you could please pray that the bump on my scar is nothing important and that my body will heal it on its own I would be so thankful. I believe I can make that bump go away by praying and I hope others will join in with me! GO AWAY FROZEN PEA! Amen:-)

Look at all I have been up to...yes lots involves food. See why I can't have any set backs? I have come so FAR!
Being goofy after I learned to curl my hair like this!
Had lots of practice time:-) Thanks Tracey for the lessons!

Katie has the one with me biting into it. She said she hadn't seen me eat a burger in at least a year and a half! Stupid pancreas! Not anymore:-) And I didn't get sick at all. Must have been what the doctor ordered. 

Yum Mexican, I have been to Old Pueblo so many times so I switched it up this day, but usually I am eating Old Pueblo. 

Sweet Coco's (Cole) and Evan! Evan loves sweets so much he helped NeeNee and Mommy eat their frozen yogurt! Mostly spend my days with my mom and these two and their mom! Pretty fun being a stay at home mom with Katie during recovery (even though she works too)! LOL We are loving it. 

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