Eat, Drink and be MERRY!

Friday, April 13, 2012

A friend asked what I was up to tonight and my response was "eating, drinking, and being MERRY!" It feels so great, I forgot what it was like to eat, drink and just have a smile on my face!

I went to my docs appointment today (just a check up) and was told I am doing amazing and shouldn't change a thing.

"Just keep doing whatever you are doing." -Doctor

I have never been on any long acting insulin because I never needed it. I had heard from most people who did the surgery that they were on a long acting type of insulin, so I asked why I wasn't today. I always worry that I am missing something. The answer- If they would have given it to me, I would have dipped really low in blood sugar because for whatever reason my islet cells have been working like normal since day one. My docs wanted to keep me on insulin when I ate, because they wanted the cells to "take a break". The great news is I take 2-4 units a day, and that is IT! That is really nothing. I can't take more than 1 unit no matter what I eat, so I no longer count any carbs because I would drop too low if I ever attempted to take 2 units with a meal. The docs today said just keep taking one for a bit and we will get you off all insulin shortly! WOO HOO. I am that 30% for now that won't require insulin. I remember thinking 70% was so much bigger than 30% when I was playing my odds out in my head. Anyways, not much else to write, because I want to get back to life:-) Enjoying life, a beautiful thing! Thanks for reading and praying, it has changed the outcome of this surgery and my outcome has been watched over by the one and only: GOD!

And...You all know I was so worried about the "frozen pea" and my doctor says... dun dun dun... don't worry about it! He says to let nature run its course and they will heal. If it doesn't, he says its just tissue, and my body will literally PUSH the tissue out to the top of the skin if it doesn't want it in there! PHEW. I can handle letting nature take its course! I can handle a little scar tissue, I may have gone a little overboard worrying, because I had heard of people needing surgery for hernias. The doc laughed when  I told him my fears, which made me feel much better!

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