Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Today was a beautifying day for me! It began by me throwing up my smoothie that I made, and having stomach cramps, but I rallied and moved on! THANK GOODNESS.  I had a hair appointment (by my amazing friend Tracey) and a spray tan. This girl was WHITE before, and something about being tan just makes me HAPPY! I can't get in the tanning beds or lay out because well it's bad for you and causes cancer, but that's not really why. I would in a heartbeat but I am still wearing a pain medicine patch and it prohibits both of those lovely things. So I sprayed my way to darkness. Then, I went and got these two products below and a new curling iron to try and replicate my look below. Tracey is a pro, although she did give me some lessons and tips, I am sure it won't look like it does now tomorrow. I hope so though. Do you think if I pray to God for that I will confuse him? I have been pretty deep lately, tonight I am feeling LIGHT. Amen to that. Light is good!
Enjoy the new topic. Fresh. Upbeat. Having fun. Finally.

Night cream and Eye cream. I really need BOTOX,
but am settling for these two remedies. I think I may have frowned too much during
all my pancreatitis attacks! 

My hair that I shall recreate in the morning and (as I practice positivity) it will look just like this:-) 

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