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Monday, March 12, 2012

Today is day 3 of amazing! I have had a great past two days and am hoping today is the same:-) Yes, eating was rough, but the past three days I have not thrown up or had any issues! WOO! I am hoping this stays the same from here on out. My weekend was great! My mom and dad were here and my Uncle Jim and Aunt Renee came to visit as well from Indiana. I felt bad because the first day they were here I was sick with acid reflux. I know that sounds like no biggie....but OUCH. I was sick, throwing up and suffering with it! It hurt really bad, but I started taking some over the counter Prilosec and phew I was better by the next day.

Today I ate my typical bagel and cream cheese...never used to eat that in the morning, but it is my new favorite thing! I ate that, a half of one of course, and did not get sick. Thank goodness. Also, yesterday I really wanted a Taco Bell bean and cheese burrito, again never used to eat that (in college yes), but anyways I ate half of it and didn't get sick. I still have the cramping, which all the docs assure me is very normal when you eat. Other than that I am doing pretty well. I started taking the anti-nausea meds scheduled, instead of just when I wanted food. I think it has really helped a lot.

Yesterday was my first real outing. I was out with my mom shopping for 3 hours! WOO! By hour 3 I was a bit worn down...but still have so much fun nonetheless. I needed a few things since I am a skinny minny right now. I literally do not have anything that fits, so we went to Target and got some inexpensive yoga pants and sweats, then I went and got a few nicer things at the mall but tried to buy them one size bigger so they fit later. Good planning, Whit! Let's face it, I just love shopping.

Before that, I had been a bit of a bump on a log, but I am hoping I am at the top of the hill now:-) We will see how it goes. It is a bit of a 2 steps forward, 1 step backward game. I didn't get all that in the beginning, but now I know what they mean. One day I can feel like I just can't get out of bed, while the next day I am ready to go outside and do things. My scar is looking amazing. I took off all the bandages and have been using Mederma on it, also some Vaseline hoping to make that baby fade over time.

I am going to post all the surgery pics here too soon. I think it will be good for me when I want to look back on all this later in life. Some are a little scary, but it got better really quickly. If you are thinking of doing the TP-AIT I'd love to offer up any advice on coming to Arizona. I can't speak highly enough of the surgeons and how happy I am that I did the surgery at the center I chose. It was so amazing, my nurses were out of this world, and my doctors really knew what they were doing. My surgeon, Dr. Gruessner, started his career in MN and has worked with Dr. Sutherland for 20 years. My islet doctor, Dr. Rilo, has been harvesting islets his entire career as a doctor! He has even invented methods to doing it and goes around teaching and speaking nationally. He is amazing too. I left the hospital without any tubes, drains, feeding tubes, etc and I really think that helped me heal quicker. My doctors don't do a feeding tube unless you really need it because you are malnourished going in, or if you become that way in the hospital because you can't eat. So since I was okay in the hospital and my bowels woke up, they were able to leave that part out. It saved me a lot of stress and trouble, since most of the time the tubes themselves can make you very sick. I just loved my care and treatment, and feel if I can help someone going through this I would love to! So feel free to ask me any questions if you are in this situation and I would love to answer them all.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. So glad to hear that you are doing well!!! I pray for you all the time, when I think about you down in Tucson and lots of my friends and family still ask for your updates :)
    I was so bummed that our trip didn't work out to come see you, but maybe Katie and I can work something out soon!!! I want to see your smiling face? did you go to La Encantada to shop? Have you tried Eegee's yet? :)


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