Prayers for the Gallegos Family

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jillian posted this on my wall during surgery. I want the same
thing for her, I want her to have the brightest days ahead with
Issac and Tasia and her two boys!
I met some of the most AMAZING people in the Facebook support groups that literally helped me get through the surgery and the emotional time, the waiting for surgery time! They prayed for me, talked with me on the phone, sent cards and gifts, and supported me! Yes, that's right, people I had never personally met supported me more than I could ever have gotten from others since they were going through it too. It is a funny thing to think about, but I was thankful. I signed off from the groups right before my surgery because some of the posts were plain scary! People would vent (which is good, that's what the group is for) but sometimes the venting would frighten me about my upcoming surgery. Also, hearing of all the "bad" things about the surgery was emotionally taxing on me, so I had to give the groups up.  I plan to "rejoin" once my nerves are calmed and recovery is further along.

Right before I left I got the chance to "virtually meet" the most amazing mother, wife, and family woman of God! Her name is Jillian Gallegos and she does not have chronic pancreatitis, yet her life is being changed by it as well. She is married to Issac, who is a police officer and amazing husband and daddy to their 3 darling children! Issac and his only daughter, who is the most darling little girl and looks just like her beautiful (seriously, beautiful) mama, suffer from the same genetic mutation that I do, PRSS1. Because of the genetic mutation, both suffer from hereditary pancreatitis. Issac has since he was 8 and their daughter, Tasia has since she was 2:-( 

Issac has been dealing with it, and was able to get through life with it, because his hospital stays were only about 4 times a year. Tasia has been dealing, and in between attacks is okay, but has been complaining of constant "rib cage can't breath" types of pain, which I totally understand as I had that type of pain too! However, as we know when we get this disease, it is progressive and does not have a cure. Issac and Tasia are actually BOTH very young, and have long lives ahead of them, but living like this is taking a toll on them and their family. The bottom line is that if there is a way to surgically help them both and take away their 50% risk of pancreatic cancer from having the genetic mutation, then it may be worth the surgery for both of them. 

This is where I need prayers for them. They are currently in Minnesota (a long way from home, Colorado) doing the "pre-operative" testing for the TP-AIT on both of them. The family is set on doing the surgery for the husband (he already has a May date), but they are not set for their daughter. It is a SCARY thing for a young mom to have to decide for her daughter. She is not old enough to make that decision and her parents will be making it for her. They are lost and confused, they don't want to do the wrong thing, and they are afraid of the effects of the surgery. I want to pray that as parents, Issac and Jillian will find the courage and strength to make the decisions for Tasia that are difficult. If they decide that she should have the surgery, I want to pray for Jillian as the caretaker in the family. This is so hard on any mom, let alone a mom and a wife, going through this not once but twice. I want to pray that she has all the tools in her tool bag needed to nurse her two babies back to health. I also want to pray that she has all the emotional tools needed to keep herself calm and sane during this rough time. I want her to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I want her to look forward to her little family in the future. I want her to see those fun events like prom, getting a drivers license, high school sports, college, weddings, and even babies, WITHOUT any problems with pancreases. If she can keep her eye on that dream I truly believe she will be strong enough to do this twice with no problems.

I also want to pray for Tasia and her dad Issac. I want their fears to be erased and I want their pain to be taken. I know that God is walking along side them both during their testing. I pray for the Minnesota medical team taking care of them and evaluating them. I pray that they put the Gallegos at ease during this time and that they make them confident in their abilities. This surgery is not easy, however, they will get through it. I have not met Jillian or Issac, yet I feel so close to them. I relate to Jillian a lot, her love for God, her family, beauty products, shopping, jewelry, and baking cupcakes! I feel her pain in all of this because I have been through it. I know they are going to start to do a little fundraising, as both parents will be out of work to do this and relocating for 7 weeks to MN and the insurance only covers hospital expenses. It will be very costly to get them to MN with just living expenses. As soon as I hear of a place to donate to them I will post the link. But for now, please help them by praying for them and thinking of them. They are amazing and they CAN DO THIS! Love to you Gallegos family. XO

Okay so I spoke to Jillian and here is the fundraising page for them. They will really need some help as Issac will be out of work (at least not full time) for at least a year since his job is so physically taxing and also it is just a very expensive process. Jillian won't be working as much either since she will be the primary care giver for her husband, and let me tell you, during this process the person going through the surgery NEEDS full time care. I still require it 4 weeks out. Any amount will help them:-)



  1. Wow! I will definitely be praying for their family! God is good, and nothing is too big for Him. He will be there every step of the way, and I will pray they can feel His strength and peace each day!
    Please keep posting on your blog with their updates!!

  2. Thanks sweet friend!!! I definitely believe that God brought us together. I am thankful for you and pray for you daily. We will pave the way for future generations together!!!! ((hugs))


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