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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Such a beautiful incision! Two small side drains
and the "big" one down the middle. They said
they did such a good job being careful since I was
young and "want to get married." -Dr. Rilo :-)
When I went to sleep on February 16th, 2012 I thought that my scar would cover most of my stomach and it was going to be an "upside down frown face" on my belly along my ribs. Well, when I woke up I was in very bad pain, yet I noticed right away that my stomach looked so much better than I had anticipated! I remember waking up from the anesthesia and 1) throwing up and 2) asking the nurse if I could see my stomach. She showed me and I was so HAPPY. I really don't remember much after this.... I remember asking for my mom several times. My stomach scar is very small compared to many others I have seen. Also, they used no stitches outside and they used no staples, which are common. I was so thankful for that! The surgeon was so sensitive to the fact that I was young and worked hard on my tummy! He was even open to having his plastic surgeon friend help fix the scar up if it was not good enough. That will not be necessary and I am very pleased!

My mom said they kept coming out saying that I wanted her but that they didn't think it was a good idea yet because I was still very sick. They told me they thought I should wait to see my mom, I had no idea this was all happening over the span of hours! She sat in the waiting room for hours after I was out of surgery. My mom and dad were the last two people in the waiting room, just waiting to be allowed to see me. My mom was worried because she promised me she would be there right when I woke up. She and I had talked about it many times and I told her how scared I would be if she was not there. She told the docs and nurses this when they were saying they didn't think it was a good idea if I saw her. Anyways, it all worked out well and although I do remember some of this, I am unaffected and my mom is okay too! We are so thankful to be here together recovering. I am a very blessed girl to have been given this life with my Mom and Dad and Brother. I could not be more thankful to have my mom here with me to take care of me. We have been spending our days together, and she is so patient with me when I have to sleep off the stomach cramps after meals!

Everything went so well at my doctors appointment today. I was told that everything was going perfectly and that all my "problems" were very normal. My problems are 1) stomach cramps after eating              2) throwing up after eating. If those two little numbers would leave my system I would be wonderful! However, they say it is because your body is getting used to the new system since the docs reconstructed my bowels. They also cut my stomach and part of my intestines. I still have a spleen for now, praying forever, but they did cut a lot of things and change things. The air in new places, food hitting new spots, and the system being in shock is what causes the cramps. It is something that can happen for 6 months, BOO! I am praying that it is a much shorter time, maybe a few weeks! I can live with that. I have lost some weight, okay a lot of weight, but I am thinking as soon as the cramping/nausea goes away I will be much better.

Tonight, I am so thankful! I can't say that enough. I would do this surgery over and over. I was thinking today, this surgery has taken away my pancreas pain. That means no more middle of the night trips to the Mayo Clinic! Do you know how happy this makes me? I have been going to the ER for 3 years with pancreas pain and I don't have to do that anymore! I am so thankful that the surgery went well and smooth and the recovery has not been nearly as bad as I had thought. Thank you for all of your prayers and all of your sweet cards in the hospital. I felt very loved and very thankful!


  1. WOW! Looks great. Isaac has an upside down mercedes looking symbol across most of his stomach. We are praying they can open that back up or at least along side of it and make it a better looking scar in the long run. That would be wonderful! Nice to see they were concerned about doing the best incision work possible! ((HUGS))

  2. Oh Whit, you look AMAZING!!!! I am so happy and PROUD of you - you have been a complete bad@ss during this whole transition to a NEW life!! I have followed your every move, since surgery, and your family is absolutely incredible. I am beyond happy for you, my friend! xoxo

  3. you sure do have the best doctors i believe look great i had the tubes for feeding so i have a pretty bad scar from that i was 97 when leaving the hospital but am now 129 a year later so it comes


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