Manicures and Nice Weather

Monday, March 12, 2012

Something about a manicure always helps the body!

Today was great! We went to this outdoor shopping center and a girlfriend came down with that Mexican food I had been wanting! She surprised me with a burro and chips and salsa! YUM YUM. I ate 1/4 of the burro...if that, but hey making progress. Then I got a pretty pink manicure. Ah so nice and I am loving my bright summer color.

Then, we walked around the shopping center and I made a few impulse purchases... one that I have wanted forever and will LOVE, a new handbag. Whoops. Now I am home and I am very sore! Geesh, its surgery pain for sure, nothing more, but intense. It is very sore inside my wound. My scar is fine on the outside, but on the inside, deep down there, probably where the pancreas was resting, is very sore! It feels like something was ripped out of my belly (because it was) but I am hoping the pain meds will bring it down to a more acceptable level of pain. I am praying for that and it still HURTS! Argh, hoping this passes. I have been stretching the pain medicine out over much longer periods of time than normal. I am allowed to take them every 2 hours, but I usually go about 5 hours. Tonight I need to go back to taking them more often until the pain is under control! 

I did not throw up today (or for the past 3 days) so I am very happy about that! Big step in the right direction. Over the next 6 months I need to put on about 15 pounds, which I am sure will happen naturally once eating is more normal. I have lost tons of weight to the point that I get nervous when I look in the mirror at my back bones. Yikes. I am going to the clinic next week for a check up. I got to skip this weeks appointment and will go next week. If they say things are going well I think we will head back to Phoenix. Technically, we probably could have left for Phoenix after surgery, but the doctors prefer you stay in case anything happens. I feel much better close to the hospital at night actually.

I am excited to wake up tomorrow. Today was so beautiful and the weather was amazing! I could have had on my shorts and flips since it was around 80 degrees and smelled delicious out. I could literally smell the flowers and I just loved every minute of being out and about. 

Again thanks for reading friends,

My Mom and I (We couldn't resist the turtles) 

Shelby and I (She surprised me with the Old Pueblo) 

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