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Thursday, March 1, 2012

I am proud to announce that I am home now. Well, at the rental home, but it is still a house with real beds and real showers. Actually, I have not showered yet because we were waiting for my central line to be allowed to get wet. I got it taken out but it takes 24 hours to be able to get wet, which will be noon! Then, I will be in the shower. Anyways, life at home is good. My first night went well. I set my alarm every two hours to take my medicines and my dad woke up with me a few times too, which was really sweet. Once, I slept through the alarm so he jumped up. We also checked my blood sugar in the middle of the night even though I really don't need to. I am doing it a little more than needed now probably, just because I am nervous, but it can't be a bad thing.

This morning, well it is almost noon, I am going to eat eggs and potatoes. I have advanced my diet a bit more and eggs sounded pretty good. I mainly ate soups, puddings, yogurts, and light foods in the hospital but the past two days I was able to eat a little more food. I get nauseous easily so I take zofran before I eat for the time being. The doctors and dietitians told me to eat many small meals during the day somewhere around every 2 hours. I am still working on the enzymes. They make me sick as well. The enzymes are what you need to use with meals because you no longer have pancreatic enzymes to break down food. But, for some reason they seem to make me feel sick so I am not sure. I hear you have to play around with them to get the right amount. They work together with fat, and I eat little fat so I really don't need to take them every single time I eat. Also, I am still working on stomach cramping and little kinks with eating. I will get it all down soon but it is important to keep trying and keep working on it. The digestive system was "on a break" so long that it takes a while to get it all back together. The key is keep trying! Food will give me nutrients and make me stronger.

I am happy to be able to watch my Netflix movies and hang out here at the house. It is also so beautiful and warm outside. I love being able to walk out there and see how nice it is out. I am thinking I will begin going on walks with my mom tonight. I want to try and walk around the house a bit each day to get stronger. I do not want to go out in public for a while. I want to stay away from infections. They were able to leave my spleen in during my surgery, but it is showing a little bit of low blood supply and may not be working. I am praying that my spleen picks up and begins to work well. Worst case, I would need to laproscopicly have it out (similar to a gallbladder surgery) later in life. They left it since I am young and could use it. They still gave me 5 shots before I left yesterday to keep me healthy and free from flu and infections. I will need to be careful. Before I left my white blood cell count was a bit up, meaning there could be a small infection, or just meaning my spleen was struggling. They tested a few things (and the results may not be back till tomorrow) so they will let me know if I need an antibiotic. I didn't have a fever and vitals were normal so they were not too concerned. I am hoping it is nothing or easily fixable with antibiotics.

I do feel I am "walking on eggshells" as this whole event has been scary. I did get some scary and sad news about a young girl passing in the support groups. I feel terrible and it was heavy on my heart this morning. She was young and died of a secondary infection (due to lack of spleen). Her surgery was a while ago, but the lack of spleen and serious lung infection is what made her pass. I am praying for her family and am very nervous now. I know it isn't normal and is very very rare, but scary and so sad nonetheless.

All in all, God has been so GOOD to me during this recovery. I have had one set back in the hospital with the bleeding. Other than that, I was so blessed with really a seamless recovery. I prayed so hard for that and I know God was with me during this whole process. I will never stop praying, never. I know God is real, and I know He is the reason I am doing so well. Before all this began I believed in God, but I have NEVER prayed this much in my entire life. I needed God so much and He never left me. Even at 3:30 in the morning when I thought I would need an emergency surgery I prayed and knew in my heart it would not happen because God would fix me. Anytime I got scared or worried, I prayed and asked my family to do it with me. We would pray out loud and it would fix things. I am so thankful today! Two weeks after surgery and I am sitting on the couch waiting to eat eggs. God is so GOOD!

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