Healing with My Mom

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shelby surprised me with a visit and we went to an outdoor mall area. That was the
best day I have had since surgery. We got so lucky that I was doing so well! I spent the entire next
day in bed. Whoops. May have overdone that one. 

I actually ate a few bites of gelato out in public for the first time!
I had to count the carbs and felt like the guys behind the counter were
making fun when I was asking how many carbs. I wanted to yell "I am a diabetic!"

Today in the kitchen after going to get our yummy sandwiches
(which we brought home). I don't trust myself eating in public yet. No way!

I wanted to post new pictures too... I am not really "into" myself, but I want to remember everything and also show others who will be having this surgery. I am making this so I will have a journal of my journey for years to come. I wanted to post a few happily ever after photos of my progress. Tomorrow makes 4 weeks and things are moving along. We are even thinking of returning home next week after my appointment with the doctors as long as they say all is going well.

Mama and I on the turtles. She is such a BLESSING! I have been given the greatest gift from God, my Mom. 
These days I watch a lot of TV, walk tons, go to an outdoor mall once a day either for the grocery store or to dink around, and some days I am just plain sick so I stay home in bed! I all really depends on the day. I do get very severe cramps and I often throw up from them (about 5 times a week)! Yuck but it is totally normal. Apparently, my food is going to a new spot first since I have been "rerouted" which is just a lovely thought! HA. I am getting used to the internal cuts and the reconnection's I was given during surgery. Some days are amazing and I don't cramp when I eat and some are horrible. It is okay though, I am doing amazingly well. I am eating anything I want. Today I had a chicken salad sandwich on a croissant and didn't get sick at all. I have also had Mexican food and been fine. It really just depends. Then, another day I can eat yogurt and get sick! I am in an unpredictable phase, but I am hoping that each day it gets a little bit better. That is all I can ask for. I am so pleased with my progress and can't wait to start living life again to the fullest!

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