Gallegos Update and Diabetes Pen!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I wanted to update my blog readers on the Gallegos family that I wrote about earlier. They have had a crazy day today and so much has changed for them. The docs met to discuss Issac and Tasia and they decided that Tasia (the young daughter) will need to have her surgery ASAP. They are now not leaving MN and she is having surgery next week! I ask that we pour prayers into Heaven for Jillian, Tasia's mom, because she will be staying without her hubby (he has to work) and she will be going through this entire process with her sweet daughter next week. Then, she will turn around and do it again in May with her husband. This surgery has been very stressful for my mom, who had to go through it just once with me, and we were talking today about how strong Jillian must be to go through this twice. But, after talking with her, I know she can do it and will be very strong! Let's pray for them any chance you get. This young family is amazing and is about to get a normal life back. I am excited for them.

If you are interested in following their family and their progress here is a link to Issac's blog:

What I am LOVING today??

This insulin PEN! Very nifty!

My blood sugar has been AMAZINGLY controlled. I only take insulin when I eat because my doctor wants to protect my islet cells and doesn't want them to work AT ALL. He wants them to just rest so they don't usually do any work. I never have to take insulin if I am not eating because my regular fasting blood sugar always stays at 90-100, which is perfect. This makes me so happy! I didn't get too many islet cells during the transplant, but what I did get is working so well. I don't want to jinx it by saying I am not diabetic, but so far I only need insulin while eating. I usually give myself around 3-4 shots a day and check blood sugar 4 times a day. Overall, I find it very manageable and I am already really used to it. So, if I have to continue to give myself the shots for the rest of my life I honestly won't mind at all. This pen is so cool. Prior to getting it today, I was using a syringe and loading it with insulin, which was easy to do at home, but not when I get back in my groovy groove and start going out (YEP, Get ready girls, I am coming back to Happy Hour soon)! Anyways, this is so just click the amount of insulin you want, attach a clean needle, and boom your done!

Thanks all for today,

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