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Friday, March 16, 2012

Flowers I got from my mom's childhood friend Thom and his
Mama, Betty (who is my grandma's best friend too). 
I think the show Everybody Loves Raymond will forever remind me of Tucson and my recovery from the TP-AIT! My mom and I watch it every night around this time, 10 pm, and we watch it during the day sometimes too! Truthfully, it is much better than something scary, like the news. I can't handle the news, as I have mentioned before. I like living in la la land and that includes my shows like Everybody Loves Raymond! Today was an EXCELLENT day. My dad came up and we discussed asking the doctors if I can go home on Monday. I have an appointment on Monday for a check up where they will do blood work and check everything else out. I am hoping all is well and I can go home. That would be so helpful. Although I won't be going to my place, I will be staying at my parents for a while, but both are home to me and I am ready! Also, I got these flowers yesterday, but felt like showing off some sunshine to you blog friends! I love these pretty flowers so much. Bright and sunshiny day!

I just miss my girlfriends so much! Tonight I was actually in the living room thinking "I am so BORED" and that is how I knew I was finally feeling better! When you are bored and looking for things to do, well that is a fabulous sign. It is still baby steps and I still have rough days that I stay in bed. Yesterday was one of those days. I woke up and threw up and then never made it far from my bed. It is amazing how much difference a day can make. By the time I woke up this morning I felt like a million bucks.

I started off sad because I was supposed to be at my friend Tara's wedding this weekend. She is going to be the prettiest bride ever and I wish I could go. All the girls I always go out to dinner with at home are going! I know they will have so much fun. I can't wait to get home to them so we can try new fun places to eat and go back to happy hour spots. Also, Jessi and Gina and I always go to breakfast and I miss that too! On weekends we get our coffee and egg fixes and try new spots for that too! I MISS those girls. I also miss going to Basha's with Katie and her kiddos for donuts! Just things that are "normal" for 26 year old girls to do, I miss those things! I am so thankful that I will be able to do these things again, but it will be even better. No more cancelling because "my panc is acting weird". PHEW!

So what did I do today to keep myself from getting too bored and lonely??? Well I talked on the phone to my friends...typical. I spoke to Jillian, my new pancreas friend while she was riding to the mall to get some new PJ's for her daughter since she will have this surgery next week. I talked to my dear friend Lexi who was feeling a little bored too at home. I also talked to her sweet mother in law who happened to be over at her place delivering A COCKTAIL. Talk about a great mother in law! I said "She comes over to bring you new cocktails shes made!" WOW! Lucky, huh? I spoke to Katie who is working on her son's 1st birthday party, which she has worked pretty hard to plan. I think my point here is I LOVE being able to think about other people now. Honestly, before surgery I had tunnel vision. I couldn't think about other people. I was so stuck in my own little world of fear and nervousness that I don't know if I was good at asking my friends about their needs and wants. I am so sorry if you felt that way. I know people must have been sick of hearing about it, but I promise I am coming back a multi-dimensional woman! I promise!

Today I made these suckers as part of my "cure boredom" project:
Oh and I should mention I accidentally took too much insulin after eating them! I am not the best at at calculating carbs yet, and I must have "over" counted! Whoops. So I had to drink some apple juice to bring myself back up...and I feel pretty good now. I think my islets are working so well that if I take too much insulin I drop too low. All better now:-)
My first little cooking project in a while...I love cooking
so really this is a poor excuse! But they were great! My Mom
and Dad seemed to enjoy them!

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