Thursday, March 29, 2012

One of my get well gifts was a beautiful empty box, the gorgeous kind, that is decorative. What a useful gift. My mom put all of my cards in the box and she saved them. Tonight I went in that box and read each one again. I honestly was pretty drugged up in the hospital so there were so many sweet words that I did not remember! What a blessing it was that we saved each and every card in the box! I cried my eyes out reading all those cards! WOW. Then, I felt so bad for posting that disgruntled post I had written a few nights ago. I was just frustrated because I started to have my nausea again and wanted to feel 100% like I had been feeling for the past week! I am going to write individual thank you cards (the first round of 20 already went out, then I needed to buy a new pack of cards so the next wave is coming soon), but until you get your own card (or I might make a mistake and leave a few out-so so sorry) I will write my thank you's here! THANK YOU friends for all the love and support and cards! I have now learned from this that anytime I see someone is sick or grieving I am going to SEND A CARD! WOW. What a card can do! Such a blessing and such a nice gesture, so thank you thank you. I love you all.

I am tired from a packed day so I am just going to give an update and go to sleep! I feel a real post coming up soon. I may possibly have to "get a new topic" my friends once I am feeling back to the person I was before I learned what I had! HA! Update on me: Woke up feeling like the old me this morning so I went to lunch with 2 of my girlfriends. Poor Shayla picked me up and we had an awesome lunch but then I got very very sick with the nausea after and she was SO SWEET and sat with me until my mom got home. Then, I threw up but it was a good thing because we figured out something major (I won't go into details about how, but let's just say I threw up what was last nights dinner). My stomach is not emptying like it should so the docs have put me on a new medication! I am praying it works well and it has some pretty hairy side effects so I am also praying those take a back seat. If this new med works there is a chance I could be NORMAL again, and soon. So that would be lovely and amazing. I also went to my pain specialist. It was an amazing appointment. I have managed to "wean myself" (I am Dr. Yates, remember?) off of a very addictive medication and I no longer need it. Big old step in the right direction, he was actually shocked, but very happy. Now, I have two more meds to come off of and this girl is medication free! Well, I will be on insulin for a while and enzymes forever but I already KNEW that and I like that idea:-) So....I am a few weeks away from "Oh happy day" of no more meds! Loving it. Going to bed a happy camper today. Thanks for reading.



  1. So happy I could be there with you Whit! I'm glad we had out little chat, it might have helped me more than you ;)
    I am PRAYING so hard that this new medication does the trick for you!! We will try lunch again soon!!! Or maybe a mani/pedi!

  2. Look at you hot stuff! You are doing amazing and I'm sure you'll be med free before you know it (except for the obvious - lol) Talk to you tomorrow!!


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