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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One more photo album- I finally took the strips off of my stomach so I can apply Vaseline and Mederma to my scar and try to get it to fade over time (wishful thinking). My mom took a picture of me the night before so I would always remember my perfect lil tummy. It looks much different now, but I am so proud of how it looks now. This scar will forever tell the story of my life and of my second chance at life. My best friend Katie got me a necklace the day of my surgery and it has the date on it 2/16/2012 and my initial W. The day I got my life back, 2/16/2012, is the day I will forever be so grateful for! I wear it everyday no matter what I am wearing because I am so proud of it.

Okay, I do miss this, but the new me is pretty cool too:-)


Swollen but healing....

Getting much better, Mederma and Vaseline 4 times a day.
My surgeon did an extra careful job on me using no stitches  or staples. He only used glue and surgical
strips in an effort to make it small. They said being smaller  really helped them with making the cut so small.
Also- Dr. Gruessner and Dr. Rilo insisted I see their plastic surgeon friend later! I appreciate them helping to make this nice! 

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