After Surgery Pics

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Katie (my best friend), Tyler (my dear brother, and Father Kerian in the waiting room. 10 hours later...

Look at all of those MACHINES! Wowza. If you have this surgery go ahead
and show your loved ones this photo first so they know what to expect. Much less scary that way;-) 

Me literally right after, I asked for Katie (my BFF who was in the waiting room) and my
parents told me she had just left once she heard it was over. I wanted to call her and tell
her I was okay. I believe I said "Katie, I am alive but this hurts like a bitch!" Classy. 

Beginning with the drains still in, swollen and sore. 

Nice and clean after a shower, hanging out with my bear Kevin Donoho bought me!
I love her, shes a Vermont Bear!

Diane and I on a walk at the UMC.

My beautiful caretaker and rock, Mama and I outside on a walk. She was
my lifesaver and continues to be! Not sure what I would do without her.

Someone playing with my hair...I appreciated that I am sure;-) 

My battle wounds healing... Drains had been removed, again they just
pull those suckers out and they are LONG!

First day home from the hospital, wow looking smokin...NOT!

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