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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Update:  My dad and I set off to the Mayo Clinic (40 miles from their home) as I was in extreme pain and meds at home were not helping. At the Mayo I was given the reassurance that I needed before surgery. I was treated like a drug addict and faker by the doctor and the nurse. The doctor would only give me one mg of medication, which is not enough to put a dent in my pain. I am usually given somewhere around 5 mg to bring the pain down. I told the nurse I had my surgery in 8 days and he asked me if I had spoke to a surgeon yet at the UA. 8 days before and I have no idea I needed a surgeon...sarcasm. Because my lab work came back normal, my lipase no longer rises because the pancreas has become so damaged after around 35+ attacks, I was sent home in pain. Instead of looking up "hereditary pancreatitis" or even the UA website that my surgeon has, the doctor took things into his own hands and acted outside of his realm of expertise, and I paid the price for it. However, bright ending: I know this was God's way of telling me I am making the right decision. I have HOPE that no one can take away. I am blessed.

Now for What I learned Today: Today, Dr. Gruessner told me many things. One was that I will be in pain after surgery for 6-12 months and may have phantom pain that won't go away. I ask my blog friends to pray that I do not have the latter. There is no prediction on this, and no way to fix it, so I will need prayers. Why pain? During the surgery the pancreas will be removed, but that is not all! I will be getting part of my stomach removed, my duodenum, part of my small intestine, and my spleen. Why so much? Yea, I asked that same thing, geez! Because the ever so important pancreas shares a blood supply with all of those things and they are all connected. In order to get cranky panky out of there, they will need to get all the others too. Once he said this I looked my mom with tears streaming down my face and said "Will I live through this." She said yes, so did my dad, and we moved on, but I won't lie, that is a lot of removed organs and my brain wonders how life will be without them. Pain will be prevalent because my body will be healing inside and out. The nerves are sensitive around the pancreas, so they will continue to have the pancreas pain. Let us pray the brain is not programmed to tell the body there is pain, which is what will happen with phantom pain, but that will not happen to me:-) 

The walk is Saturday- and I am pretty sick. I want to go so badly, but I had no idea that I should be staying home away from infection. The doctors were pretty adamant about this today, and they want me away from all sources of sickness. I feel a sore throat coming on, and am trying to stop it now. I will be sleeping all day from here on out, and all night. What I really mean is I will be resting non-stop and staying in the house away from all things sick. I want to go to the walk and am praying I feel up for saying hello to everyone.  I am not well enough to walk right now, but I will go and see everyone. If you are sick, we can send our love through a long distance hug, because it is that important that I don't get any sickness from here on out. Please pray my sore throat gets better and that I am illness free by 2/16/2012. 

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