Night 2

Monday, February 20, 2012

Whitney continues to recover. I worked last night and Katie spent the night with Whitney so we texted all night long. Kara, Katie's husband and Katie's two little boys went to Tuscon. Since only one visitor can stay the night, Katie spent the night with Whitney at UMC. Whitney's parents and Whitney's mom's good friend Eileen were able to go out to dinner and get some rest while Katie stayed with Whit.

So for night two here is the latest:

Area of Praise: As I mentioned Katie spent the night with Whitney. Whit was so excited Katie was coming up to visit her, and told Kate she was excited to be "sleepover buddies". She also told all the staff Katie was coming and that she was a nurse :). Katie was able to braid Whitney's hair, massage her feet and help get Whitney comfy. Whitney's surgeon adjusted her pain meds to where she needed them to be so she was able to get some rest (very minimal).  They did an ulstrasound of the portal vein (which is where they injected the Islet Cells through) and it looked good. Katie is an AMAZING friend! Love you Katie :) You hands down win friend of the year award!!!

Area for Prayer: Katie was worried to fall asleep that night because she was worried Whitney would wake up in extreme pain. Whitney only gets pain meds every 6 minutes through a PCA (pain-controlled analgesia) pump. If Whitney doesn't hit the button every 6 minutes she doesn't get any pain medication. Katie text me at 2 am that night that her fear came true. Whitney woke up in intense pain from not hitting it every 6 minutes. Some may argue that if you are able to sleep that you don't need the pain medication however, as a nurse myself I know that when people who have pain wake up after not getting any pain meds they are hurting!!!!! Pain is pain and no one should ever judge someone who says they're in pain. Doctors are working to find a solution that works to keep Whitney comfortable. Please pray Whitney gets some rest and that her pain continues to lessen.

Love and Prayers,

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