My 26th Birthday

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Brother, Tyler and I at the Wig.

My birthday dinner at the Wig.

I kept one strong hand on this kid before he went flying into the lake. 

Evan having the time of his life, me too actually. 

The girlies and I at the cupcake place. 

This is my favorite E and Nee Nee pic for sure!

Today was my 26th birthday! Today was an amazing day- I would not have changed one thing about it. I really mean that, not one thing. Even though my pancreas gave me a little trouble, I still enjoyed the day because it was perfect. The funny thing is I have even had some people ask me why I wanted to do this surgery if I was able to have such good days (or people look at my pictures and see a smile on my face or me doing activities). I really thought about that when I posted that today was an amazing day on Facebook because of what people have said. It makes me laugh, because yes I have suffering, but I still love the things I always loved, no matter what. I can't run laps or drink beers, but I will continue to love life no matter how badly it may hurt me. Some days I can't do anything and some days I can. Today I did tons of things with my favorite friends.

I spent the day with my first friends, my friends I met when I was somewhere around 5 years old in Litchfield Park, where I grew up. These are the friends I used to ride my bike to the Mayfair Market with, the friends I was in Brownies with, the friends I attended first grade with, and the same friends I have shared adulthood with. We went to lunch and of course the cupcake place. After, I intended to help my friend out and babysit a few hours since she had worked the entire night before, but it turned out she didn't feel like sleeping and spent the day "babysitting" with me. We went to the lake and fed the ducks, read books to the kids at the library, and went to the park where I remembered how much I loved swinging on the swings. I may have enjoyed the park more than the kids. It's funny, my moms "activities" inspired me today when I was with my girlfriends and we repeated some today. One thing we didn't do- talk about the surgery. Thank you friends, thank you! I forgot about it for the day. Peaceful.

I went with my family to Reds, a favorite spot of ours, and had a birthday dinner. We did talk a little about surgery and some logistics. My parents will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary on Valentine's Day and we will be in Tucson. We discussed that Tyler will be coming up to spend the night with us and probably week. We also talked about having a fun dinner to celebrate the anniversary. I had intended on throwing them a party at one point for this, but maybe that will have to wait until the 35th!? Or maybe throw them off and do a 31st party! This day was a good day and I again saw what blessings I have in my life. Thankful.

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