A Good Day 2/27/12

Monday, February 27, 2012

Today is Monday and my surgery was 12 days ago. I am so glad to report that today I had my PCA pump turned off (the pain pump) turned off this morning and have switched to strictly oral pain medications. It was a big step, as the pain pump is much stronger than oral medications and also delivers a great deal more relief than an oral pill can, but so far it is working. I am happiest about one simple fact, I have no pancreas pain! That was something that I honestly was not 100% sure about because many people who have had this surgery report something called "phantom pain" but I do not have that. The only pain I feel is incisional pain. That pain can be overwhelming at times, but I get through it with my medications and an ice pack. I don't know what I would have done without an ice pack! Sounds so simple, yet it has been a staple in my pain control. This makes me so excited and I can't wait to cut down on the amount of pain medications needed each week until I eventually reach my final goal of a normal life: no narcotic pain medications!
I am praying to the Lord that all goes well tomorrow and that I am allowed to leave. The docs say that I had a 2 day "set-back" the day that I threw up blood and needed a transfusion. So, even with the minor set back I am still ready to go home and I am really proud of that. I have worked hard on the transplant floor by sitting, walking, moving, keeping my brain busy, and most importantly praying. I have never prayed this much in my life, which I am not proud of. I could not have gotten through any of this ordeal without prayer. Every single time that the doctors would say something was "wrong" or not quite right" I would pray out loud. That is something a little new. I would also ask my parents to pray with me and my friends too. The morning of the set-back I kept praying and eventually I had a calm come over me that let me know I would not need surgery. God was there with me. 
Something that is hard right now is eating. Eating is so difficult because I do want food, and I have cravings all the sudden. However, I can't eat what I am craving or the pain would be out of control. I would love a bowl of Spaghetti O's...weird right? I have not had those since I was 6. But if I actually ate those, I would have pain. The pain from eating is pretty intense. I usually have to go to the rest room, if you know what I mean, about 30 minutes after and it can be so severe that I feel like it will never end. Luckily it always ends, it is just something my body will need to get used to. It sounds like no big deal, but the pain is so intense it is really hard to explain it in words. Tonight I am trying vegetable beef soup. 
The diabetes is an adjustment. I have to give myself insulin for every 15 carbs I eat. I so far have had well controlled sugars, but even though they are controlled my doctor wants to protect my islets for at least 6 months. That means I will have to take insulin every time I eat for at least 6 months. I will count all the carbs and cover my carbs. If I am ever high I will need to take insulin to lower my sugars too. I am getting the hang of it, and at first I am sure it will be a lot of carb counting, but I will get used to it before long. 
I want to thank all my friends for sending cards and gifts to me. Just when the day would drag on and I would get sad, something would arrive at my door and raise my spirits. I am so thankful for all of my family and friends and feel God has blessed me with incredible people in my life. My room is decorated by my friends with love and all of those things help make a recovery less depressing and much more soothing. Sometimes it drags on and I am just ready to go back to my life, but all of the love and support really helps me keep looking towards the future. I know I would not be doing this well if it was not for my faith and for God. He has helped me so much, there is no other way to explain how well I am doing. I have been blessed with a pretty much seamless recovery and I know that this is because of God. Tonight, I am feeling very thankful as I lay in my hospital bed blogging (and watching the bachelor). This life is so precious and sometimes we just blow through it without really taking the time to be thankful. I know that this surgery has given me a whole new life and a whole new way to look at life. I am grateful! 

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  1. I'm so glad you decided to share your experience about the tp/ait and to hear you are doing so much better. I hope your recovery and islet cells great success!


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