Final UMC appointment before the surgery

Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Walk for Whitney" with me on Saturday because
I am the cutest baby in the world. (He told
me to tell you blog friends that)
The next time I arrive at the UMC entrance my whole life will change. I will be accompanied by Mom, Dad, Brother Tyler, Mom's childhood friend Eileen, and Katie, my oldest friend! I will have feelings that are new, uncomfortable, and scary. But, by the time I am wheeled out of there after the first part of my recovery, I will have a new lease on life and will forever be changed, inside and out. My mind will never be ready to have this surgery, but my body has been ready for months.

Today I met with my head surgeon again, for a final time, to talk about the surgery and ask any last minute questions. My dad had the perfect questions, he is so good with his words, and we talked them out step by step. I kept looking at the light bulbs in the room, because I read in my very scientific Cosmo Magazine that if you feel like crying at work (the advice column titled "What not to do as a career woman") look up at the light bulbs and it will actually do something to the tear duct and help you stop the flow of tears. Dr. Gruessner's greatest concerns as a surgeon doing the surgery include: number of islet cells and portal vein clotting in addition to complications arising from a major surgery. The complications include bile leaking, blood loss (this is a common one, I signed consent to have transfusions), liver issues from rejection of islet cells or bleeding of the liver, and just overall affects of anesthesia for a lengthy period of time.

At this point, Dr. Gruessner has said no to robotics. I feel at peace with this because I was never that confident with it. The pancreas is at great risk for damage if done using robotics which would mean loss of islet cells. I have complete confidence that Dr. Gruessner is the best surgeon for this job. He told me that if I was his daughter, he would do this surgery and tell her to go for it, which is what my own father thinks as well. I then met with anesthesia, went over my history and had a brief health check. I had to get many labs drawn again (my poor veins are damaged from so many pokes). After, I had a migraine from stress and a great deal of pain. The PA (physicians assistant) Rob, who I have already come to love, wrote me some prescriptions to help with pain. He wanted to admit me given what had happened to me last night, but really didn't want me to get sick, so he gave me a wonder drug that helped so much already with pain.

When we left I had crazy thoughts. I told my parents maybe I should just stop this and start going back to yoga, vitamins, holistic doctors, and praying. We laughed, I came to my senses (I honestly tried this method since April with no avail) and I know this surgery is the right option. I won't give up hope that God will heal me as a miracle and we will cancel the surgery. On the way home we prayed together aloud, my Mom, Dad and I. We said an Our Father, a Hail Mary, and my mom lead us in her own prayer. And just like that my headache went away and so did my pancreas pain. Amen.

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  1. Whitney - Recently I have been getting emails from ladies who are telling me in 6 weeks their son was playing golf again, another's husband was back to work in 5 weeks and another's son was back in school at 6 weeks and playing soccer by 6 months. I am praying and believing YOU are going to be such an example of great recovery. Keep your chin up girl- and getting ready for the rest of your life because the best is yet to come... Babies and all ;)


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