Day 6/7 February 22nd

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 6:
Hello bloggy friends! I am back, yay! And I need something...prayers! You see we have not posted since day 5. Let me fill you all in about day 6, and if you are thinking about getting this surgery please don't let this worry you. I just want to tell the whole story, predominantly for me, and when I look back at my life and see how far I have come. A virtual journal of sorts, but we will see how far I get this morning without interruption in the hospital, which rarely happens.

So Day 6 started out like any other day. I woke up and my dad was with me. He "shifted" home for a shower and some sleep while she slept in to spend the day. We had a good day, nothing special. Just hanging out. Then around noon, my doctors came in and said that I could go to "full-liquids" so I ate jello and had some delicious Popsicles. All was going well and they changed the diet even more by evening saying that if you are "going to the restroom" and all is "awake" you are fine to eat. Normally, I won't touch hospital food, but that day I didn't have anything else so I ordered a chicken noodle soup and a side of mashed potatoes. I didn't eat the soup, it was too horrible, and I played with the potatoes. I think I ate about 5 bites. Somewhere then I started crying in pain and all of my medical staff assumed it was the food. I got some medicine from the PA when we saw him and tried to fall asleep. I was too tired to care about anything and was ready to just sleep. I was now with my dad, since my mom had shifted home to sleep. I told him my stomach had hurt the worst and how upset I was, but we both fell asleep.

I woke for a bathroom break and at that time (around 4 am) I got sick. We won't go into detail but it involved bleeding and throwing up. Talk about scary. I had read about side efforts 500 times, but I still held out hope that sort of thing would not happen to me. My nurse was so sweet in keeping me calm. Her name was Lauren and she was such a great nurse while she kept me calm and told me these things happen. After a chest X-Ray and a Abdominal X-ray it was determined that there was a small pocket of air in the abdomen. It now seems the doctors had a new stress, the air pocket. They needed to know why it was there and if anything was bleeding. My H&H (hemoglobin being one, the other not sure) was low at 5. That is really low. Needless to say at 6 am I was signing consent forms for surgery and they were talking about going back in for exploratory surgery. If anything was bleeding they would fix it. I was looking at my dad with tears and we were praying intermittently. It was scary!

Day 7:
The surgery never happened and once my attending physician got to me he wanted to give me blood transfusions and do a real CT Scan in the afternoon. He liked the results the blood transfusion was giving me, and after 3 he said he wanted to wait and see. So day 7 was a quiet, nervous day. We all (Mom, Dad, and Myself) sat here and waiting for the transfusions to make me better, then went to the CT Scan, watched some TV shows on my laptop and tried to not talk about the fact that I could be having another surgery. Finally around 8pm, my doctor came and let me know that we did not need to surgery. He said the blood I was putting out was left over from the day of my surgery. I was bleeding when they resectioned my bowels and everyone sort of seemed to think that it the problem. However they did say we were 75% out of the woods. They said that as long as the air pocket and bleeding clears up on its own, I am out of the woods.

Friends and family, please please please pray that the bleeding and the air pocket clears up on its own. It makes me so worried to even think about the second part of being in the OR. I hate the thought and if anything happens it could be a possibility. Again, lets pray that the Lord puts His arms around me and makes all complications leave or heal in my body. Thank you friends,


  1. Praying for you Whitney!!!! You are such an inspiration! Much love to you sweet girl ……….that I’ve never met but feel I know so well! :-)

  2. Dear Whitney,
    I have a huge group of PCH friends and friends of your dad's on the prayer assignment! I seem to be the conduit to keeping them up to date on your story. We are all with you and I truly believe God will take care of you and heal you completely. Your dad says you are officially the strongest person he knows. You're his hero.

  3. Whitney,
    Tom, Drew and I are all praying for you as are the ladies in my Bible study group. Hang in there. Also I praise God for your strength and positive outlook on everything. It will get better, I just know it will. Your blog is beautiful and such an inspiration.
    Mary Goodwin


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