Day 5: February 21, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Whitney is making progress! :) I'm always shocked by Whitney's passion for life :) She sure is a fighter.

So for Day 5 here is the latest...

Areas of Praise: Whitney walked 2 different times around the nurse's station for a total of 6 laps!!! Wooohoo!!! Get it Girl!! :) Her NG tube came out!!! Her foley catheter came out!! For goos this time since Whitney was able to pee two times!! Sometimes as I may have mentioned before after someone has a catheter it is really hard to pee so this is super exciting believe it or not! She was told by the nutritionist that sips of water are okay. The Dr.s even decreased her IV fluids since she can now sip water. She received no insulin today and even had a bowel movement. (TMI? Maybe! But from a medical standpoint this too is exciting because this means her bowels are awake and responding well to her surgery! Ohhhhh the things that get your blood pumping as a nurse ;) She is off of oxygen too!! And lastly Whitney called me!! Always nice to hear her voice :)

Areas of Prayer: Whitney had a chest x-ray today which revealed some fluid in her left lung. Drs. aren't too concerned for now but still this is something we pray doesn't cause any trouble for Whit. Also Whitney has a hematoma or bruise on her abdomen and her incision is slightly swollen. Again, Drs. aren't too concerned right now and let's pray it stays that way. Whitney said she was short of breath when walking so she wasn't surprised with the chest x-ray findings. Let's pray Whitney doesn't get any complications from surgery and continues to progress.She mentioned she did have a temp of 100. I know she is in good hands at UMC and they, as well as the man upstairs are watching over her but let's all pray Whitney remains infection free and the temp subsides. As always pray for manageable pain.

I don't ever want to downplay the surgery Whitney had. Whitney and I talked about this and thats why I am writing the good, the bad and the ugly. This was a major surgery and we are all so grateful Whitney is alive and recovering as well as she had been thus far. We love this girl sooo much! This
surgery was right for her. The pain she has told me is different than before and for that we are grateful.

We thank you all again for your love support and prayers. Whitney has never felt so loved.

Love and Prayers,


  1. Thanks so much for keeping us updated. I'm so glad to hear of all the good (Especially a BM, and there's never TMI for those of us with CP! We discuss it all) and hoping for the rest to improve.
    I'm checking in every day, glad to hear of your progress Whitney! Keep on being the super strong woman you are!! <3

  2. love the scarf just sent one to Renee for all her help


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