Day 4: February 20, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

Whitney is settled into her room. Decorations are up and looking fabulous!!! I believe Whitney posted the address to where cards can be sent. Cards would really brighten her day so feel free to send one! I know she would LOVE it!!!!

Here is the address for you  to contact her:

The University of Arizona Medical Center - University Campus
Attention: Patient- Whitney Yates
1501 N. Campbell Ave.
Tucson, Arizona, 85724

Went to visit Whitney at UMC today!!!

Here is a day in the life of Whitney after 12pm when I arrived in Tuscon:

12pm: Arrived at UMC. Whitney informed me before I arrived that she can have sugar free candy. Brought Whitney WAY too much candy!!! (Honestly she is now good for life!) Nutritionist is allowing ice chips and sugar free chewing gum so that hopefully she will start passing gas. (Sometimes your bowels get sleepy after surgery. Gas is sometimes a good thing!! ;)

1pm: Dr. Gruessner and his PA came into see Whitney. It was sooooo cool to see the man who performed the surgery and virtually saved Whitney's life!!!

He told Whitney, "She walked in a healthy, normal girl and not in a wheelchair and that she will walk out of here healthy and normal". He encouraged Whitney to "rest" and "take it easy".
 He told Whitney 115 thousand islet cells were harvested and placed in their new home (the liver). He told her Dr. Rilo is pleased with the quality of the cells. He said not to focus on the quantity of the cells but rather the quality of the cells. Whitney currently has 2 JP drains. One to each side and he said if they drain less than 100 ml in one day they can talk about taking them out! The left sided one is leaking a lot unfortunately. :( Her NG (nasograstric) tube was clamped today (meaning its no longer hooked to suction=no more drainage from abdomen) and may be taken out once she is passing gas!!! He said to be careful not to have it taken out too soon because she may have nausea and it would then have to be reinserted.Whitney was bummed that some staff members have made comments about the amount of pain meds Whitney is receiving but Dr. Gruessner assured her they "don't know" about her circumstance. They may attempt to take the catheter out again tomorrow...Her incision to her stomach looks good :)

1:30pm: Charge nurse in to talk with Whitney about her stay.

2:00pm: Director of Nursing/ICU visited with Whitney. One of the nurses told Whitney she saw Whitney the first night and she looks "great" today!

2:30pm: Dr. Faucett (One of Whitney's favorite residents) came in and told Whitney she may put another stitch to the left JP drain site to help it stop leaking. Whitney was able to walk one whole lap around the nurse's station, felt her heart start racing and said she could "hear it in her head". She decided to sit in the chair for awhile to relax. Whitney showed me how good she was at her incentive spirometer and even did it 20 times! (Goal is 10 times an hour to prevent pneumonia!) :) Love her positive attitude! Whitney started to feel dizzy while sitting up and fell in and out of sleep....

3:00pm: Peripheral IV in her right wrist was taken out. One less tube!! Hooray!!! Dr. Faucett came in to put in some sutures in her left JP drain. She numbed the area around it first and put two more sutures in! Whitney was so brave and didn't even shed one tear! YOU GO GIRL! Whitney's heart rate has been elevated in the 120s (Normal is 60-100 beats per minute) which could be due to surgery and her pain level. Dr. Faucett said she came in towards the end of surgery and that when Whitney came out of anesthesia she just open her eyes right up and simply said, "I'm confused". The anesthesiologist told Whitney to relax and close her eyes and she told him, "I'd rather not". :)

3:30pm: Time to rest. She looked good. I am surprised by how with it she has been and how she is able to carry on conversations. Whitney sure is a strong girl!!

3:45pm: Nurse's assistant came in to check Whitney's blood sugar. Her blood sugar was 143 which is higher than what they would like. Whitney was bummed to hear she would be getting insulin again. Second time since surgery. The RN came in to give Whitney insulin and showed Whitney the size of the insulin needle. After getting the insulin Whitney said, "that didn't even hurt!" Whitney's oxygen dropped slightly and she was put back on 2 L of oxygen and felt better. They will probably take the oxygen off again tomorrow.

4:00pm: Trying to rest. IV pump beeped at least 7 times.... So annoying... poor Whitney :( Stupid pump... Whitney's left JP drain continued to leak despite the attempt to stop the leaking. A new dressing was applied to each side since both were leaking... stupid drains....poor Whitney has no rested more than 15 minutes :(

5:00pm: Dr. Rilo came in to visit!!! Again, it was amazing to meet the other man who virtually saved Whitney and gave her her life back. His bedside manner was awesome! He was extremely personable! He told Whitney that she will get insulin if her blood sugar is greater than 110. He wants to protect the islet cells.

5:05pm Dr. Faucett told Whitney she looks "awesome" :) They are going to try and take her NG (nasogatric tube) out tomorrow and her catheter out tomorrow!!! :) Let's hope she can pee!! :)

Areas of Praise: Whitney is getting better day by day! She walked and even sat in a chair! Every one kept telling her how good she looked :) Let's pray this continues!

Areas of Prayer: Whitney's Mom got sick :( She wasn't able to go visit Whitney today so let's pray she feels better soon!!! Please pray Whitney is able to pass some gas and can get that tube out of her nose! Also let's hope tomorrow after the catheter is out of her bladder she can pee. (Sometimes after a catheter is in it is hard to pee) Let's hope that catheter is out for good!!! Pray she remains infection free and continues to get stronger!!!

Thanks for all the prayers and love!


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  1. YEah!!! GO Whitney! I have a friend who only got 88,000 islet and she is NOT a diabetic!!! It definitely is quality over quanity. Hang in their girl - we are praying for you!


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