Day 3- February 19, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

Area of Praise: Day went pretty well. Whitney got up to the chair today!!! Whitney attempted to go the bathroom without success. Found out that Dr. Rilo got a total of 115 thousand islet cells which is better than no cells.  Let's hope they are happy in their new home :) Pain pump is still every 6 minutes and working when needed. Whitney even had some visitors! (Shayla and Arie) Room is decorated and looks GREAT! Whitney also made her first post on facebook:

This is my first status update I've made myself since my surgery. I'm alive, well, and so thankful. Life is a gift from God, so go out and enjoy your gift today!

 And biggest news is.... Drs said that Whitney is too healthy for the ICU! Time to move to the transplant floor!!! So Whitney is now settled in her new room!!!! :)

Area of Prayer: Whitney and her family were a little discouraged by the number of islet cells harvested as the average person has 1 million islet cells and Whitney only had 115 thousand due to Whitney's diseased pancreas but they are trying to stay positive.They tried to pull Whitney's catheter out as I mentioned but Whitney was unable to go the bathroom. She had to be strait cathed and then eventually had the foley catheter put back in.... Please pray for happy islet cells and better success with peeing :)

Love and Prayers,

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