Day 1

Saturday, February 18, 2012

As I may have mentioned before I told Whitney before her surgery I would try my best to keep her blog up to date for her readers. Know that Whitney loves each of you and is grateful for everyone's prayers, love and support. She couldn't have done this without you.

Each day I will post about areas for praise and areas for prayer as Whitney continues to recover. This journey is far from over and each day presents new hope and challenges for Whitney.

So for Day 1 of Recovery-February 17,2012 :

Area of Praise: Whitney was able to sit in a chair today!!! Whitney didn't remember getting up later but the fact that she was able to get up is crucial to the rehab process. Blood sugars haven't been too bad. The doctors let Whitney's mom know that this could change at any moment but for now we can be grateful Whitney's blood sugars have been pretty good. Whitney's mom also informed me that Whitney has a nasogastric tube that is draining fluid from her abdomen and that the fluid color is looking better today than before. Doctors are pleased with her progress thus far.

Areas of Prayer: Whitney still continues to have a significant amount of pain. The doctors are doing their best to control her pain but pain is still an issue. Whitney's mom text me last night that they had to medicate Whitney prior to repositioning her and Whitney's mom said to a staff member, "I'm glad she won't remember this" and Whitney replied, "I'll remember!" Also, her mom texted me that last night Whitney complained of being "hot". She didn't have a fever but the nurse rechanged her dressing anyway. This was definetly scary to think about... Let's pray today that Whitney's pain is manageable and that Whitney remains free of infection.

Again we are so grateful for each of you. Whitney really wanted to inspire and help others by starting this blog. She is one of the bravest people I know and is so strong.

We LOVE you Whitney!! Can't wait til you can read this and see how far you have come!!!
Thought I would end this with a picture of Whitney at the end of the Purple Stride Walk!! At the end of the walk she was so happy and full of life. You can do this Whitney!! Like I have told you a million times I know you will get your life back and get to do all the things you have dreamed of! Day by day Whitney!!!

Love and Prayers,

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