Chocolate Factory

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Assembly Line

Big chocolate.

Tea House. 

Me at the Spicery- So girlie and frilly! 

I Love Lucy- episode where she worked with this machine. 
Adventure time! We went to the Sorreta's Candy Factory in Glendale. My mom booked us for a tour of this place and we got to make our own little creation at the end. I really didn't eat any of the chocolate as I didn't think it tasted good, weird what illness can do to your taste buds some days. But, it was fun nonetheless. We toured, chatted, and then went to The Spicery for lunch. Once when I was 8 Katie and I took our teacher, Miss Reutter, there for lunch. What goofballs we were. We loved her so much (she is my Facebook friends now and lives in Nebraska) that we asked her on a lunch date with our moms. Anyways, I still love the place and haven't been since I was that age so we went again.

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