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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Today is Sunday and it has been a while since I have updated. I entered the UMC on Thursday Feb. 16th and today is Sunday Feb.26. That makes a total of 10 recovery days, since surgery went all the way until late evening, and I am starting to feel like that length of time is more like 20 days! I am so ready for my own house, hot shower, and warm bed (and a bonus of interrupted sleep). I have told my doctors that I want to switch over to oral medications so that I can make sure my pain will be controlled at home instead of on the IV pump. I have decreased my IV pain medicine usage quite a bit today and last night, which seems like a step in the right direction.

I have been walking all over the place and even ventured outside with friends today. It felt so nice to get out for a little bit even if I was in my pajamas. They tell you to sit up in a chair and walk as soon as you can. I did not take that lightly. I began walking so early that the occupational therapist and the physical therapists never got a chance to work with me as I had mastered all of their "tasks" prior to meeting them. These things included stuff like putting your socks on, grabbing water, sitting up and getting out of bed, and walking around the halls.  I have been taking real showers, which is great progress from where I started, and that little step makes me feel so much more alive. Today I even put on my makeup and dried/styled my hair.

A few things are still struggles here and I know that this recovery can sometimes be a "one foot forward, two feet backwards" (as my doctor phrased it) type of progress, but it really seems that is the case tonight with FOOD. I never needed a feeding tube and my doctors don't put one in unless you need one or want one for a particular reason. Basically you begin eating when you get the NJ tube out and can eat. I tried this the day I got the tube out. I had jello and Popsicles (sugar free, since I am now diabetic). Those went fine, but then I decided to go wild and eat half a mashed potatoes, which is not a memory I like to remember:-( Needless to say, eating has been tough. Since, I have stuck to soups, which make me ill after eating and I have yet to master this task. Tonight, I was craving cottage cheese and corn. We will see what that is all about. I find this the hardest part of the recovery. When you eat it doesn't feel warm and fuzzy in your stomach. This could be because the surgery takes pieces, cuts, and re-wires parts of the digestive tract.

Things have overall gone well. I had a minor "set-back" the day of the internal bleeding scare. I required 3 blood transfusions and after that I was back to my normal self. Since that day (I believe 4 recovery days ago) I have kept my blood (H and H) at a normal level, which was God answering my prayers and my friends prayers. I think I am just ready to go home at this point. I still don't feel excellent, but I am very lucky to have a recovery that is going this well, and I am so thankful to God for that. I will be very happy when I am tube free and sleeping in my own bed. I do feel like the end of the tunnel is so far away, but I also feel like I am so lucky and blessed by God to be here in this postiion that I am in tonight in my hospital room. For tonight, I am going to cuddle up with my Mama and watch some good programs. Tomorrow will be another great day of recovery and hopefully I will make some big strides. Praying God helps me tomorrow with making progress in the right direction, checking out of my hospital room:-)

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  1. Reading all your blogs! You are doing amazing......I am so happy for you. I know it is still more difficult then you are letting on........but, God has obviously been right by your side and giving you peace. Keep running! :-) Love to you and your momma! :-)


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