Whirl-Wind Week

Friday, January 13, 2012

I have not posted in a while because I have not been well at all. I wanted to post the two before because they are fun and uplifting. Who doesn't love two darling little redheads with huge smiles or a cool new bedroom set? Maybe some people who don't love cool stuff and cool little people. Anyways, I am going to keep this short and do a better job on a later post, maybe when I am feeling better. I am sick. Very sick. My pain is bad and I feel I should be back in the hospital, but to be honest, I am bruised on both of my hands and I am plain sick of the hospital. I know I will be back in for a while and I sort of want to enjoy this time if I can get away with it and not suffer with too much pain.

I was in the hospital for 5 days this week. I went in with horrible pain and I had an outstanding group of doctors. I only had 2 bad nurses, out of 2 a day so that is pretty good! One came in and lectured me on the use of the pain med and decided she would cut the dose my doc prescribed in half. Not sure why she felt she went to med school that day but okay. Kara came over, my sweet sweet Kara, an old and dear friend. I believe we went to St. Peters Pre-School together, if that gives you any idea of my Kara. Oh and we lived in the dorms at ASU together. Oh and we went to high school together. You get the idea. Another long time girlfriend. She marched out and got the doctor and MADE me tell him what was going on. I am so GLAD she did this! I probably would not have and she really encouraged me. Once I did he talked to the nurses and instructed them to give the meds he prescribed. Thanks KareBear!

I really needed to get the heck out of the hospital because I needed to get down to the UMC in Tucson by Wednesday for another procedure. It was the scope with the stomach biopsy that we needed to complete the pre-op testing and to get the insurance approval submitted. This was the final step. I had to go under general anesthesia which is why I asked for prayers. It was a simple thing, but anytime I am under general anesthesia I like prayers:-) It makes me nervous no matter how big or small they procedure is that they are doing. I think I worried friends on Facebook and I feel bad. Some people thought I was having the actual TP-AIT since I said "surgery" and "OR" so if I did I am so so sorry! I wanted to keep friends up to date since many of you have been so supportive of me. I love it and am so THANKFUL for all the prayers. Keep them coming if you will! Do I sound greedy??? I hope not, I just love knowing others pray too. I want to continuously pray to the Lord for his help in my biggie, scary, surgery coming up.

Docs said my approval will take 2 weeks max! WAHHHOOOO! They said I am first on their list since I can't manage to keep my butt out of the hospital. I am hoping that I get in first week of February or last week of January, but that seems like pushing it (and I have a really cool new friend coming to visit at that time and would like to be able to do fun stuff with my friend- but want surgery nonetheless so I will cancel if need be). God will do this on his time. I hear this all the time. Remember when I posted about my journey with God and how I still thought I had work to do? Well I do still have work, but things with God have changed so much since even writing that. I pray to Him day in and day out. I feel close to Him. I feel protected by Him. I feel blessed by Him. My spirituality has become so much stronger during all of this and that is one thing I will always make time for in my life even when I begin to fill it back up with fun activities.

Below are pics of me in the hosptial this last time! I tried to walk with my mom everyday since I want to try and stay somewhat in "shape" for surgery. I think it will help when the day comes. I try stretching a lot too. Streches are actually easier and sometimes feel pretty nifty on my back.

I had some mix-ups at the UMC today that caused me tears and stress. The operating room was supposed to be booked at 8:30 for me but they made a scheduling error that I did not find out about until I was already there for check in. After lots of phone calls they got me at 12:00. It opened up a giant box of worries for me! I worried about the docs competence, I worried about the communication between transplant surgeons and hospital...things of that nature. Not just this one thing caused me to think this...there have been a few mix ups. But I am okay now. I think a big place gets mix ups from time to time. We are human beings and so are hospital staff. Okay now I am trying to make myself believe it:-) Hopefully my next post will read "Insurance approved my surgery and it is Feb 2. Who knows???? God knows... Love Him.
Walking in the halls with my Mom

5 days of no shower,gross I am aware.
I am pretty proud however my careful hairdo
that masked dirt:-) Oh man- no dignity!


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