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Monday, January 2, 2012

Stole this video from a fellow panky bloggers blog! Love the below blog and I feel like I have had so MANY of the same thoughts as this beautiful girl. Her pre-surgery "to do" list cracked me up and made me remember that I have so MUCH to do...I mean I need at least 12 pairs of pajamas for this bad boy.

Here is another great video. Enjoy. This is my surgery to a T! Please watch so you know where little Whitters will be coming from for a while. Cut and paste in a new page!

Hmmm I thought I was on to something so rare, so unique, and so new with my blogging! But...tonight while I suffered from insomnia partly due to this aching back and ridiculous pancreas pain (I feel an ER trip, but am trying to wait until at least 6 am before I make that wake up phone call to poor Mike and Janine- love them)! I stumbled across a blog by a girl who I think may have been related to me in another life. I was so into her blog, crying my eyes out during parts, and loving every minute of it. She had some major complications after surgery (trying to block that part out for my own sanity), but her story ends with a happy ending. Check it out fellow pankies! She is a HUGE inspiration to me. You think you are having a bad day??? Think again before saying how bad it is or how bad you feel. I actually heard a friend say that she had the WORST Christmas ever, I won't even tell you why. That is a bold statement, and I am sure before all of this I was guilty of such things too. Be aware that those around you may be actually very sick and very tired or very sad! Check it out, you won't regret it.   <-------- Picked out a page

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