Roses and Thorns

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Read the end to figure out what I am thinking! I must brag-
Casey S. on the show is my sorority sister and friend.
She is nice and classy- which is why she doesn't get much
screen time. No fun to watch a normal girl act normal I guess.
I love her though! 
 I looked into the eyeballs of my little 7 year olds and had a brief moment of sheer panic. One boy said, "What are we going to do today teacher?" I grew to love that question though, as time went on, because my answer usually brought so much excitement to the room, even if it was just a regular day to me. My tone of voice was enough to make them giddy and cheerful.

At our staff meeting that first week of school we were told to share our thorns and roses, positives and negatives of the week. At that time I am sure I had some thorns, being a new teacher, but I really don't remember what I said. That day stuck with me, that staff meeting at least. I've tried to use the strategy lately to help me balance the good with the bad. It isn't all matter what.

Today's Roses:
1. I met a new primary care doctor who was wonderful. She said she would help me with my after surgery care when I return home from Tucson and she would work closely with my surgeons on any issues that may come up. Not only did she help from a medical standpoint- she said she would be praying for me. She showed me human compassion and she reassured me that I was making the right decision. She went on to talk about her own life and her C-section, letting me hear her personal fears during that time and assuring me that my fears are normal. What a wonderful doctor, above and beyond what I expected.
2. I received so many emails and texts from friends letting me know that they read YOU, bloggy, and that they care. I am so amazed at how truly wonderful people are in my life. Blessed doesn't even begin to describe how caring people have been towards me and I am so thankful for all of the extra prayers and support.
3. I felt physically GREAT today! Can't beat that ROSE!
4. I may have helped a few other families suffering because of PRSS1-otherwise known as Diablo. I alwyas love hearing that my blog has helped some of those families who have been affected with Diablo,  the genetic mutation!

1. Fear is kicking in today! Don't know what it is about today in particular, but it's a fear filled day. I don't want to die- there I said it Bloggy. I don't and I fear it with this surgery:-( I am always positive, but its something I can't deny. I think about it and I worry. I have a LOT left to do here, like make a cute little baby to form a relationship with for the rest of my life. How special. Yes, please. Let me.
2. I had to go to the ER last night because I was having esophageal spasms from the scope I had a few days ago. A weird and rare side effect, and yep I ended up having it! I knew something didn't feel right and it got worse over the course of a few days so I went in and they helped me greatly. I got poked 7 times with a needle for the IV since I was major dehydrated. The medicine worked-major rose- but this isn't the rose section.
3. Big HUGE thorn- Listed under "causes" for my disease in the pre-made paperwork from the Mayo Clinic that they gave me last night upon leaving the ER dun dun dun....

  • drinking too much alcohol
  • gallstones
  • medicines
  • chemicals
  • damage caused by injury to belly
  • surgery
Does anyone see "Hereditary" in that list? How about "Genetic Mutation" or "Idiopathic" Nope, none. Give it up already people! Many other things cause this besides alcohol. ARGH! I want Mayo to change their pre-made paperwork and get their causes right. Thanks in advance:-) I will be requesting this to them tomorrow. And no, I do not have more important things to do!

Okay can't end the bloggy with thorns because that is just not right. Absolutely not.  What to say to make it positive again? Oh I know, tomorrow Renee (Dr. Rilo's wife, who also works for him) says she will be able to give me a better idea of what the date of my surgery will be. That is a ROSE. That actually deserves 2 roses. That might have even deserved the FIRST IMPRESSION ROSE! I feel like the bachelor, Ben, just handing out roses left and right. Such a pimp. He got lucky- a bad hair cut and some awkwardness yet the girls are just fleeing towards him. Only.On.TV. 

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