Redecorating the Recovery Room!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bathroom again with my Ross and Marshalls finds!
Sitting area in my room, added the new pictures
today...found them at Marshall's for 14 bucks!

Dresser where the funky mirror will go.
Even though I will stay in Tucson for 7 weeks after surgery and then will return to my parents house until I am stable, I did something fun this Christmas! I redecorated my room at my own condo so it is so nice when I decide to return to my own place. I am still not done though, I am doing a chandelier over my bed, still waiting on some more cool pillow I order for the bed, and a funky mirror over my dresser, but I have some pictures of now! The pictures don't show it off as much as I would like since I took them with my phone (I think it looks better in person:-) Most importantly I LOVE it!

This is a dark picture! Darn camera phone!
But my lamps very pretty and you can't tell;-(
Also, I took the pic from my parents garage and it
matches perfectly:)
I need to get better at layouts so this pic lines up with the pic below it and so my blog is so cool like others! I just can't figure these things out. Maybe when I am a little better I can put some time and research into developing a really cool layout for "mi bloggy"! I read on another girls blog (who has not really blogged in 3 years since her surgery) that you life fills up with other activities when you feel good and you don't just sit around anymore! OOOOhhh LLLAaaa LAaaaa so beautiful that thought it. I want to scuba dive, something I never thought I would want to do, and I want to go to Italy, something I have done and have anyways wanted to do again. Maybe Spain this time! And maybe, just maybe, I can get a very cute boy to go with me. Oh what fun!

My bedding that I major splurged on and my
new chandelier! Love them both. 

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  1. Man, wrote a comment and then my tablet crashed. :-( I LOVE your bedsprad - where did you find it? SO pretty! And I highly recommend Spain. One of my fave countries! :-)


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