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Friday, January 13, 2012

Remember my friend I told you about, Kara? KareBear? Okay, well she is helping me with something we saw in another blog and since the docs are saying about 3 weeks till D-Day I need to help her get a head start on something. She is going to be putting together some prayer warriors for the day of surgery. The idea is each person who signs up agrees to take an hour. The surgery is anywhere from 10-14 hours and we will give you the EXACT date once that time comes. What Kara was thinking is that we could get 24 people to pray, covering every hour of the whole 24 hour day so the good Lord hears the prayers during the most crucial hours. This means some night owls would either have to take a midnight hour on a weeknight or maybe some night shift workers like you nurses or early workers (The surgery will be a Thursday- no matter what). Also, Kara would love if you got people you sit next to at work involved or your family and your friends....and wait for it...wait for it....take a PICTURE if you have a little group you are going to pray with! WOO!

To be clear, you would basically be volunteering to pray for one hour on the day of my surgery.

When I am doing so so well, which I know I will be, I can post that part of the day too on my blog. What a cool way to remember how great and generous my friends and also a great way to remember what is very much the scariest day of my life for me, my brother, and my parents. Kara is starting to work on this now so please comment on this blog post if you are willing to take an hour and if you would like morning, afternoon, or evening, or a middle of the night hour (even though we don't have an exact day) that way Kara will post a schedule of the prayers on here for me! You can email me, post it here in comments section, text me, call...or do the same to Kara if you know her. If not, I will pass it along to her since I don't know if its safe to post a phone number on a blog. HA! What if a stranger got a hold of it and liked Kara too??? I am getting excited just thinking about having 24 prayer warriors!


  1. Hi Whit, this is an amazing idea :) Can I participate from Australia? I could have one of the late night hours because it will be my daytime when it is early morning hours in AZ. love, Karen

  2. Sign me up Whit!!! This is such an awesome idea!! Go Kara!! Preferably a morning hour or during the day. I pretty much stink at staying up late, haha :)

  3. Love the idea!! Please sign me up!! (Ideally not an evening time - its chaos at my house in the evening with the kids) However, I will take whatever is available and will be praying my heart out for you Whit!! Love, Karin Goto


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