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Saturday, January 14, 2012

I spoke with Kara, who laughed when she read that I didn't put her phone number, and anyways if you want to help out with the prayer group, which means so much to me, Kara said it would be great if you text messaged her your name and general time of day. I have you already if you called, emailed or facebooked so I gave those to her! Thank you so much. We almost have enough people to cover every hour and Kara thinks she can break it down to every half hour even! Our Lord will be flooded with prayers and He will have me in tip-top shape in the fasted time on record (really breaking records for that would be awesome). 

The coin and the Rosary, both given
as gifts by two very special people. 
Kara- (623) 206-7745 

When I was at the UMC the first time around for my testing I met a man in his 40's who was with his mom for some half yearly testing. He had already had the TP-AIT and was in for his 6 month visit. Larger than life Dr. Rilo dragged him into my room to ease my fears about the surgery. This guy was amazing. His name was Russ, and he was a husband and father of two little girls. He showed me a picture of both his girls on his phone and told me they were the reason he did this surgery. He suffered much longer than I, because he did not know about the surgery. He was never a part of a support group and I was the FIRST person he had ever met that shared this bond. That is powerful for some reason, when you meet someone who is "like" you, even when you have not met before. He was great, showed me his scar, gave me his cell number and chatted with me for a long time about recovery. The man's mom was the sweetest lady- and did the coolest thing. She kept looking at me and my mom with tears in her eyes. I knew why. I knew that deep down she could feel our pain, as six months ago she sat in my moms shoes scared to death and worried about her baby. She was looking deep into us, looking for something to say or something to do. All of the sudden she reached into her purse and asked me if I was a religious person. I said yes and she replied with "I could tell." She said something in her head told her to give this coin in her purse to me. It was a religious coin with praying hands and she kept it with her during her sons pre-op tests, his surgery, and his recovery. She said God wanted her to pass it along and she was waiting for the right moment to give it to someone. She chose me. I cried. She cried. My mom cried. Russ did not cry:-) And off they went, back to enjoy the life Russ missed out on for so many years.
 I will pass the coin on to someone when the moment is right and I do not need it anymore. I am looking forward to sharing that moment with whoever God wants me to share it with. 

My dear friend Jessi has a super religious Mama, and we both love her for it. She has been like this since I have met Jessica, in the fourth grade, and she has always turned her entire life over to God. She is one of those people who isn't afraid of death, because she knows how great it will be. I have not been able to turn it over that well, one day I will get there, but not yet. I admire her faith and her strong convictions. She wanted to make sure I had a Rosary and prayers too. She sent me this blessed Rosary and I love it so much! I have made a point to say it daily and try to be a little more like "the Jude" as we call her, with my faith each day. Above is the beautiful rosary she sent me in the hospital.

Masses for the Healing said for me...around the US and in Lourdes! 
One of my grandmas best friends (who also happens to be 92) sent me a card saying that a mass is being said in my honor. The coolest thing is that it is being said in Lourdes! At first I thought I was wrong, because it is from a Lourdes in Illinois. But, after reading it further, it says that two masses will be said, one in Illinois and one in Lourdes. It went on to explain the whole story about 33 miraculous heeling's that have taken place at Lourdes. These heeling's are recognize by the Catholic Church, meaning that they are heeling's that really happened without the use of medicine and cures. They are things that were not supposed to happen and had no way to happen, but did anyways. I was really excited to get this gift!

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