Necklaces that are pretty and for a GREAT cause!

Friday, January 13, 2012 ME! Wearing my Gold one.
Headless Whit 
Beth Stern. Howards Wife. So pretty.

Great shout out in either People or Us Weekly...
Not sure which one but COOL!
As you know from my Facebook account, I took pancreatic cancer research to an annoying level on my status updates! I was serious about it since awareness is low and cancer statistics are not good. Only about 3% of those with Pancreatic Cancer will make it, and that is even an unreliable percentage because many die within 5 years in that 3%. Not many can beat PC, for many reasons, which upset me so greatly and I promise PROMISE promise to make this a goal of mine once I am well. I planned to walk this year or at least get together a group of my girlfriends for a walk in February, but I just ran out of steam and energy and well I didn't feel well! Next year, and I may even take it to a new level. I want to help those who need help the most and PC gets very little national funding. Breast Cancer is only 1 step above PC as far as people affected and we all know about the boatloads they receive. Want to know why??? Because motivated women in a group cared a lot, like ME, and they did something about it. So I will do that too, watch out Susan G. Koman Foundation, once I am well there will be a new girl in the HOUSE!

PC is hard to detect early, as is any pancreas issue, hello 3 years of not knowing this was genetic, and many tests leading to dead ends. Obviously, if I was not blessed enough to find my surgery that I am confident will save my life and will save my current quality of life, I could have been facing the PC battle in oh I don't know for sure....10 years of so. I am not allowing that one to happen, sorry Lord, that one isn't in my plan and I know it isn't in your plan or you would not have given me Dr. Rilo:-) Anyways, bottom line, it takes the life of too many and it doesn't have to if we can dedicate more dollars and more research to the cancer. I hope and I pray my lifetime sees a change with these statistics. If it ever affects you, which I hope it doesn't, you will be sharing me in this prayer. That is the thing, and I get it, but you really only care when it becomes something that affects you or the ones you love! It is okay, you can still participate in whatever cool thing I come up with to do for fundraising.

Please check out these COOL NECKLACES! My Mom and I both wear the "Rich Rocks Tree of Hope" and so does Howard Sterns hottie of a wife. So you, if you are reading this, should order one too! They really are so cute and they help a great cause. Friends, if you want to make me really really happy...order one...and take a picture wearing it and post it on my Facebook wall! That would be an awesome gift for me and for you. Click on the link below. I got mine in GOLD for $45.00.

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