Dr. Rilo- AGAIN!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I know I have talked about Dr. Rilo before- many times- because I love him, but I have posted a link so you can read about his accomplishments too and love him too! Please say prayers for Dr. Rilo and Dr. Gruessner. I don't know what they believe or if they believe, but I do know one thing. Praying for their hands and their minds to be sharp the day of my surgery can't hurt anyone! Dr. Rilo is not only an amazing surgeon, he is an amazing person. How can I say these things about a man I did't know until a few short months ago? I honestly am not sure, but once you meet him you know. He has spent so much time easing my fears. The other day he called me and spoke with me for an hour about my fears, everything down to answering my questions about death during surgery. He explained everything in detail and responds to my text messages in the ER as soon as he gets them! Dr. Khan is equally as wonderful. He spoke to my ER doctor at a different hospital the other day. Talk about going beyond the expectations of your patients.
Click here to read more about Dr. Rilo.  Check out his cute bow tie!

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  1. Whit my phone is not working I don't have your email on my iPad and need your email! I saw your friend wean tales! How amazing! I sent her an email asking about going to county with her owl boxes! I wonder if she has gone to the hospital board to ask for funding for these? I could go with her if she wants! I know people! I hope you are having a good day! Praying for you! Love you!


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