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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kara Kissell is a friend of mine that I have known since somewhere right around pre-school age! We have had many "firsts" together including having the same first grade teacher, being in girl scouts, high school student council all four years, and living together in our college dorm. My life wouldn't be the same without Kara in it, that is for sure. She put together a prayer group for me so that I will have prayers every half an hour for the first 24 hours of my surgery. I still have crazy middle of the night hours from 1:30-3:30 am left- but I know people sleep and have jobs:-) My family can cover those, but if you are interested in any other time you can always double up with others! Here is the list with everyone who signed up. If you still want to sign up this document can be opened from the link below and you can modify it yourself. It will save as you do it and will show up on the link from then on. Pretty neat! That Kara, her mom taught computer class, that is why she is so smart on the Mac book.  You see, she had them way before they were cool, since like 1990! Love her, and here is my tribute to my KareBear!

Ashley Scobee and Kara and I on the boat in Coronado.  We were so sunburned that night when we went out, but we didn't know! We thought we looked so pretty and tan!
One of my favorite pictures. Holding our childhood "girl scout" buddies babies. Time flies and the cycle of life continues. Sweet Evan in my arms (Katie's baby) and beautiful Gracie (Jenny's baby) in Kara's arms. We whispered them right to sleep, their moms were impressed. 

Us in Vegas, pretty sure we were around 19 years old...our ID's said we were from New Jersey or Ohio or something like that :-) 
Dancing with the Bride, Katie, on her wedding night. Katie remembers it better than the two of us:-)
The girls from Agua Fria. We did everything together, missing a few here... 


  1. I love you! PS loving the new look!


    1. Thank you Kara! It's all about the love I have for you! XO!


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