Meeting A Fellow Cranky Panky Sister!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A true gift from God
Meeting Betsy and her "Mum" as Betsy calls her:-)
On Sunday my mom and I woke up early to do something I had been planning for a long time! I am in a Facebook support group for those who share my rare condition. I had been communicating for quite some time with a woman named Betsy who was going to fly to Tucson from her home in Massachusetts to meet with the transplant team and discuss her options as well. We bonded over going to the Mayo Clinic on Facebook because I had already gone to Mayo and she was heading there. I told her about my experiences at the Mayo with the pancreas specialists and she decided that after hearing all that she was going to pass on going to Mayo. It is expensive for everyone to travel to other states in the search of better medical care and sometimes when you trust another persons advice it can save you time and money. I wish I had listened when others told me that the Mayo didn't help that much when they went. It is sort of hard to tell people what to do in the group or give advice as everyone has to put so much faith in what they are doing and where they are going. To hear that someone hated the doctor or the experience when you had a ton of hope in that for you is hard. Not sure if I am wording that correctly or if that makes sense. Anyways, Betsy and I both decided, around the same time, to take a huge leap of faith and try Dr. Rilo and his team. She is there now doing her 4 day workup and I just talked to her and she feels very confident too. I go there Dec. 18 and will be there until the 22 hoping for a final approval after that (although I am very confident I will be approved as Dr. Rilo has already said he thinks I need this to save my life). One of my best friends went to college at the UofA and she recommended we eat at Beyond Bread and we sat there for 3 hours! Betsy and her mom have a relationship very similar to my mom and I so our moms could chat and support one another too. It was really a great experience for all four of us! I cried when we first met, I think I had just been so excited about it for so long. My mom drove home from Tucson and I was just so happy the whole ride home!

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