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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dad and I in the E.R. waiting for my bed.

This is what we do every day around my house...
The pancreas sits about 2 inches from your spine....
Thus, leaving you with a bad backache!
This week was an interesting one to say the least! After I went to tucson to visit Betsy I came home and became really ill. I have no idea why but it just hit me Sunday evening. I was at my condo watching TV when I realized the pain was getting really bad. I called my parents to warn them and told my mom I thought I could sleep through the night. I successfully did that and when I woke I was doubled over in pain. I knew I needed to go to the E.R. This time felt like one of the first attacks I had when I was living in San Diego. I threw on clothes and threw more clothes in a bag for the hospital just in case. When I got there they put me in a wheel chair because I could not walk. I had to wait 2 hours, which is a long time for the Mayo, and was finally taken back. My lipase actually was a little high at 100, normal for me is about 15 (and some of my worst attacks have been at 5,000). They had me wait all day from 11am to 7pm in the E.R. until they got me into a room. Two of my friends, Ali and Kerri came to the hospital to see me that night when I was in my new room. They stayed until my pain medicines were corrected and Kerri even straightened out my nurse by having her call my doctor to make my dose higher since I was in pain. It worked so good job Kerri! 
Baby Cole and I in my hospital bed.
The next morning I awoke and the doctor came in to tell me my labs were worse the second day meaning I would need to stay another night. BLAH. I slept the entire day, I mean I had visitors and I do not even remember them being there!  Jessica and her mom came and I think I cried AND fell asleep while they were there. Sorry about that, girls:-) Good thing I have known Jessi since 4th grade, she won't get rid of me! The last day my best friend Katie and her babies came to see me! What a great day that was for me. I was well enough to enjoy them and we all left the hospital together:-) It was like the kids knew I was sick. They were so sweet and angelic making me even happier! Cole laid with me on my bed and didn't make a peep! He did try to pull out my IV...but good thing his nurse mommy pushed it right back in:-) I was supposed to go on a girls trip to Denver this weekend. I had been praying I would be well enough to go and hits me and I can't go. I will be so thankful for the day that things like that don't have to happen anymore. I have been bargaining with God lately. I notice myself asking for things and Denver was one of them. I know now that it wasn't meant to be this year and that Denver will always still be there. Let's hope my girlfriends and I can go on a girls trip next winter! Maybe I can even have a glass of wine then. Oh what a glorious day that would be!

My Mom just told me how scared this last attack made her as she said she has never seen me this sick. I think I scared myself too. I kept reminding myself that this would pass and I always get better. She reminded me that I would be fine. We have had a few talks today about being a fighter and not letting anything get in the way of getting better. I try so hard to do this everyday. I was worried about my life during this last attack. I honestly felt so bad health wise that I had some concerns about life and death! It is a funny thing, pain. Pain can literally make you feel like you are dying even when you aren't. I know that was a short moment where I thought about it and that I will get better, even from this:-) Let's just say that the surgery can't come fast enough. God has a way of speaking to you and telling you when it's time to do things. After everything that happened this week, He let me know it was time to do the surgery.


  1. So sorry you were back in the hospital - I would've visited if I had known! You know I will be in Tuscon, though! Are you feeling better now? I do hope so! BTW, I LOVE your blog. What a wonderful way to keep us informed.
    Praying for you - MaryBeth

  2. Very sorry to hear all of this Whit! I'm sooo glad youve finally found this Dr. An will cure you of all this!


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