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Sunday, October 23, 2011

After my last attack I was donezo. Even though that is not my choice, I was done. I decided to get in touch with The University of Minnesota. They are the best, pioneers of the pancreas, some of the experts this disease has to offer! They are my HOPE. The team at the U of MN is dedicated to helping people who have CP, pancreatic diseases, and pancreatic cancer, those who are suffering. They help people who are hopeless and sick. This is their specialty and they are the best in the nation. Dr. Sutherland, who pioneered the TP-AIT surgery, is at U of MN. Although he is retired from surgery now, he is still there researching and training. His doctors and team are doing TP-AIT’s more than anywhere in the nation. They are doing case studies, offering FDA approved new drugs, and most of all giving patients back a high quality of life. I do not know what they will say about me or if I will be a candidate for the surgery. To be honest, I don’t care. I am just so hopeful and excited to go there and meet these doctors. I am so excited for a second opinion and a closer look at what is happening to my pancreas. I want to know her progress and her appearance. I want to know what these doctors who see this daily think. What a blessing, what a thing to thank God for! I was given their contact information from my support group members. Within minutes of emailing these doctors I got a response. Not just a response from one, but from all of them! They can’t wait to meet me and want to see me. What a blessing! I have HOPE! I promised myself that no matter the outcome of my trip I will come home okay. Whatever they say will not break me or ruin my hope. I will be okay, because the soup will be different the next day. Day by day. Thank God. God is good. 

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